Title: The First Stromlo Symposium: The Physics of Active Galaxies
Volume: 54 Year: 1994 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Bicknell, Geoffrey V.; Dopita, Michael A.; Quinn, Peter J.
ISBN: 0-937707-73-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-390-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Active Galaxies 3 Evans, I. N.; Ford, H. C.; Kriss, G. A.; Tsvetanov, Z.
High Energy Gamma Ray Emission from Active Galaxies: EGRET Observations and Implications 13 Michelson, P.
Holes, Disks, Stars and Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei 23 Blandford, R. D.
Pair Cascades and High Energy Emission in Ultrarelativistic Outflows from Active Galactic Nuclei 33 Konigl, A.
AGN in X- and r-Rays: A View of the Heart 41 Wilkes, B. J.
Thermal and Nonthermal Processes in Active Galactic Nuclei 51 Begelman, M. C.
Signatures of UV and Optically Emitting Accretion Disks 61 Kinney, A.
Numerical Simulations of Accretion Disks 73 Hawley, J. F.; Gammie, C. F.; Balbus, S. A.
A New Model of the AGN's Central Engine 85 Gvaramadze, V. V.; Machabeli, G. Z.
Low Frequency Variability of Extragalactic Radio Sources 91 Melrose, D. B.
The QUASAR Broad Line Region and a Bouncing Cloud Model 101 Mathews, W. G.
Reverberation Mapping of AGN Broad Line Regions 111 Kriss, G. A.; Krolik, J. H.
OSSE Observations of IC 4329A 123 Celotti, A.; Fabian, A. C.; Nandra, K.; Rees, M. J.; Grove, J. E.; Johnson, W. N.
Fast Collimation of MHD Winds 125 Li, J.
Shear Instabilities in Magnetized Accretion Disks 127 Luo, Q.
What are X-Ray Observations of Sky Background and Discrete Sources Telling Us about the Physics of AGN Evolution? 131 Boldt, E.; Leiter, D.
AGNs Make the X-Ray Background 143 Comastri, A.; Hasinger, G.; Setti, G.; Zamorani, G.
AGN Central Engines and the Diffuse Gamma Ray Background 145 Johnson, P. A.; Protheroe, R. J.; Szabo, A. P.; Mastichiadis, A.; Stanev, T. S.
The Unification of Active Galaxies: Seyferts and Beyond 149 Miller, J. S.
Disk Driven Hydromagnetic Winds as a Key Ingredient of Unification Schemes 159 Konigl, A.
Compact Radio Nuclei in Seyfert Galaxies 169 Roy, A.; Norris, R. P.; Kesteven, M. J.; Troup, E. R.; Reynolds, J. E.
Unified Schemes of FR2 Radio Galaxies and Quasars 175 Barthel, P. D.
Jet Side versus Spectral Index in Quasars 187 Bridle, A. H.; Laing, R. A.; Scheuer, P. A. G.; Turner, S.
Evidence for a Beamed Optical Continuum in Radio Quasars 195 Baker, J. C.; Hunstead, R. W.; Kapahi, V. K.; Subrahmanya, C. R.
Spectrophotometry of a Complete Sample of 3CR Radio Sources: Implications for Unified Models 201 Laing, R. A.; Jenkins, C. R.; Wall, J. V.; Unger, S. W.
A Comparison of the Infrared Properties of Radio Loud Active Galaxies 209 O'Dea, C. P.; Heckman, T. M.; Baum, S. A.; Laurikainen, E.
Unification of BL Lac Objects and FR 1 Radio Galaxies 215 Urry, C. M.; Padovani, P.
Decelerating Relativistic Jets in FRI Radio Sources 227 Laing, R. A.
Beamed Radiation in Radio Galaxies 231 Bicknell, G. V.
Brightness Asymmetries and Velocities of Jets in Low Luminosity Radio Galaxies 241 Parma, P.; de Ruiter, H. R.; Fanti, R.; Laing, R.
VLBI Observations of FR-I Radio Galaxies 247 Venturi, T.; Giovannini, G.; Feretti, L.; Cotton, W. D.; Lara, L.; Marcaide, J.; Wehrle, A. E.
Towards a Truly Unified Scheme for AGN 253 Rawlings, S.
Models of Dusty Discs in Active Galactic Nuclei 261 Efstathiou, A.; Hough, J. H.; Rowan-Robinson, M.
VLBI Observations of a Complete Sample of Radio Galaxies 263 Giovannini, G.; Feretti, L.; Venturi, T.; Cotton, W. D.; Lara, L.; Marcaide, J.; Wehrle, A. E.
A Comparison of the Spectropolarimetrically Identified Hidden BLR Seyfert 2s with Other Seyfert 2 Galaxies 265 Kay, L.
Testing Unified Schemes with a Complete Sample of Radio Sources 267 Morganti, R.; Fosbury, R. A. E.; Oosterloo, T. A.; Tadhunter, C. N.
Further Evidence Against the Orientation Based Unified Scheme for Quasars and FR II Radio Galaxies 269 Singal, A. K.
The Evolutionary Unified Scheme: Radio Sources in the Theta - Z Plane 271 Vagnetti, F.; Spers, R.
Infrared Spectroscopy of Seyfert 2s: A Look through the Obscuring Torus 273 Veilleux, S.; Goodrich, R. W.; Hill, G. J.
HST Observations of the Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC5728 275 Wilson, A. S.; Bower, G. A.; Heckman, T. M.; Mulchaey, J. S.; Braatz, J. A.; Krolik, J. H.; Miley, G. K.
Near-IR Spectropolarimetry of NGC 1088 277 Young, S.; Hough, J. H.; Bailey, J. A.; Axon, D. J.; Ward, M. J.
New Insights into Seyfert Galaxies from HUT Observations of NGC 1068 and NGC 4151 281 Kriss, G. A.; Tsvetanov, Z.; Davidsen, A. F.
The Excitation of LINERS and Cooling Flows 287 Dopita, M. A.
Kiloparsec-Scale Radio Emission in Seyferts: Evidence for Starburst Driven Superwinds? 297 Baum, S. A.; O'Dea, C. P.; Dallacasa, D.; de Bruyn, A. G.; Pedlar, A.
Radio Observations of IC 4329A 307 Blank, D. L.; Norris, R. P.
High Resolution Near-Infrared Observations of the Seyfert 1 Galaxy NGC 7469 309 Blietz, M.; Weitzel, L.; Genzel, R.; Tacconi-Garman, L. E.
MEPSICRON Observations of Seyfert Galaxies 311 Guichard, J.; Cruz-Gonzalez, I.; Carrasco, L.; Serruno, A.
Spatially Resolved Spectropolarimetry of NGC 1068 313 Inglis, M. D.; Young, S.; Hough, J. H.; Axon, D. J.; Bailey, J. A.; Ward, M. J.
Optical and Infrared Colour Ratio Maps of Seyfert Galaxies 315 Kotilainen, J. K.; Ward, M. J.
The FRI/Il Break and the Bivariate Luminosity Function in Abell Clusters of Galaxies 319 Owen, F. N.; Ledlow, M. J.
On the Effects of X-Ray Subclumps and Cluster/Subcluster Mergers on Extended Radio Sources 325 Burns, J. O.; Rhee, G.; Roettiger, K.; Pinkney, J.; Loken, C.; Owen, F. N.; Voges, W.
Radio Cores in Early-Type Galaxies 335 Sadler, E. M.; Slee, O. B.; Reynolds, J. E.; Ekers, R. D.
Compact Steep-Spectrum Radio Sources 341 Fanti, C.; Fanti, R.
The Structure and Kinematics of Pictor A 347 Simkin, S. M.; Sadler, E. M.; Sault, R.; Robinson, P.
Preliminary Radio and Optical Results for ROSAT Sources in the ESO Key Program 355 Anderson, M. W. B.; White, G. L.; Ekers, R. D.; Danziger, J.
A Model for Dissipative Turbulent Jets in FRI Radio Sources 357 Bicknell, G. V.
The Molonglo Southern 4 Jy Sample (MS4) 359 Burgess, A. M.; Hunstead, R. W.
IR Imaging Polarimetry of the Nuclear Regions of CEN A 361 Bailey, J.; Hough, J. H.; Chrysostomou, A.
The Spectrum of Old Radio Galaxies 363 Eilek, J. A.; Arendt, P. A.; Borovsky, J. E.
Two Frequency VLBI Observations of Small-Sized CSS's 365 Dallacasa, D.; Fanti, C.; Fanti, R.; Schilizzi, R. T.; Spencer, R. E.
Emission Line Properties of Intermediate Redshift Radio Galaxies and Quasars 367 Hes, R.; Fosbury, R. A. E.; Barthel, P. D.
The Jets in the Radio Galaxy B1308-441 369 Jones, P. A.
Excitation of Emission-Line Regions in Radio Galaxies 371 Koekemoer, Anton M.; Bicknell, G. V.; Dopita, M. A.
Numerical Models of Bent Disrupting Jets 373 Loken, C.; Burns, J.; Clarke, D.
Radio/Far-Infrared Correlation towards Southern Clusters of Galaxies 375 Unewisse, A. M.
Hot Electrons in the M87 Jet 377 Walker, M.; Melrose, D. B.; Ball, L.
Are FRI's and FRII's Different? 379 Zirbel, E. L.; Baum, S. A.
High Redshift Radio Galaxies 385 Miley, G. K.
A Close Look at High-Redshift Radio Galaxies 397 Meisenheimer, K.; Hippelein, H.; Neeser, M.
Starburst Galaxies at High Redahift 409 Weedman, D. W.
Activity in Galactic Nuclei - Starbursts & Black Holes 417 Perry, J. J.
Near Infrared Observations of Starburst and Seyfert Galaxies 429 Forbes, D. A.; Ward, M. J.
CO(1-O) Detection in a Merging Polar Ring Galaxy 437 Arnaboldi, M.; Capaccioli, M.; Combes, F.
Mergers and Starbursts in Moderate Redshift Field Galaxies 439 Colless, M.; Schade, D.; Ellis, R. S.; Broadhurst, T. J.
Kinematics of the Molecular and Ionized Hydrogen Gas in NGC 5256 441 English, J.; Freeman, K. C.; Norris, R. P.
Kinematics of ARP 118 443 McCain, C. F.; Freeman, K. C.
A Starburst Radio Galaxy at z=2.34? 445 van Ojik, R.; Miley, G. K.; Rottgering, H.; Bremmer, M. M.
Summary: an Observer's Perspective 449 Weedman, D. W.
A Theoretical Perspective 453 Bicknell, G. V.; Quinn, P. J.