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Paper: A Distributed System for ``Phase II'' Proposal Preparation
Volume: 125, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
Page: 367
Authors: Chavan, A. M.; Albrecht, M. A.
Abstract: A significant fraction of observing time on ESO's new Very Large Telescope will be spent in service mode; therefore, investigators need to describe in detail what they want to observe, and how. ESO is prototyping a distributed ``Phase II'' system that will allow astronomers to prepare their observations at their home institutions, while maintaining a central repository for all observation data. Astronomers will be offered a wide array of observation preparation tools, including data entry GUIs, instrument simulators, and catalog interfaces. The system is structured as a set of distributed clients and centralized servers, and it operates as a front-end to the other elements of the VLT Data Flow System.
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