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Paper: Sub-mas Jets in Gamma-Active Blazars: Results from High Frequency VLBI
Volume: 144, Radio Emission from Galactic and Extragalactic Compact Sources, IAU Colloquium 164
Page: 37
Authors: Krichbaum, T. P.; Kraus, A.; Otterbein, K.; Britzen, S.; Witzel, A.; Zensus, J. A.
Abstract: We report new results from high frequency (22-86 GHz) VLBI monitoring observations of selected blazars. These Gamma-bright sources show pronounced correlated flux density variations over the full electromagnetic spectrum (radio to Gamma-ray bands). From our high-angular reso lution images (0.1-0.2 mas), we find increasing evidence for a tight correlation between this activity and the production of new jet components. Here we present results for the 3 sources PKS 0528+134, 3C 273, & 0836+710.
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