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Paper: Spatially Resolved H_2O Masers as Probes of Supersonic Turbulence
Volume: 144, Radio Emission from Galactic and Extragalactic Compact Sources, IAU Colloquium 164
Page: 369
Authors: Strelnitski, V. S.; Alexander, J.; Moran, J. M.; Reid, M. J.
Abstract: VLBI of the H_2O maser sources associated with outflows from young stars reveals, besides the regular velocity component (expansion and rotation), a random component suggestive of highly supersonic turbulence generated by the interaction of the star's jets with the quiescent ambient gas. Our analysis of the geometry and velocity statistics in Sgr B2(M)-H_2O demonstrates low fractal dimension of the turbulence and strong deviations of the velocity increments from Gaussian statistics---both indicating strong intermittency of the turbulent energy dissipation. These properties are discussed, along with the two-point velocity scaling law, and compared with the related properties of incompressible turbulence.
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