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Paper: Deriving Mass Profile and Orbits of Galaxies in Clusters from ENACS
Volume: 197, XVth IAP Meeting Dynamics of Galaxies: From the Early Universe to the Present
Page: 373
Authors: Mazure, A.; Biviano, A.; Katgert, Peter; Thomas, Tom; Adami, Christophe
Abstract: By using a synthetic cluster formed by combining data for over 4000 galaxies from 70 individual clusters with known morphologies, it has been possible to break the degeneracy of the Jeans equation and to derive both the mass profile and the anisotropy profile. Assuming isotropy, we invert Abel's equations separately for each galaxy class (E's, SO's, Spirals and emission line galaxies). Our data do not seem to support the hypothesis that all classes of galaxies follow isotropic orbits in equilibrium within the average cluster potential. By assuming that either ellipticals, or S0's, or even spirals, trace the cluster potential on isotropic orbits, we always find the ELG's to be on mildly radial anisotropic orbits, with an anisotropy parameter, β(r), increasing from ~0.1 at the center to ~0.6 at one virialization radius.
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