Title: XVth IAP Meeting Dynamics of Galaxies: From the Early Universe to the Present
Volume: 197 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Combes, Francoise; Mamon, Gary A.; Charmandaris, Vassilis
ISBN: 1-58381-024-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-533-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
Most Real Bars are Not Made by the Bar Instability 3 Sellwood, J. A.
Bulges and Bars 7 Noguchi, M.
Numerical Simulations of Ringed Disk Galaxies 11 Buta, R.; Combes, F.
Bar-driven Galaxy Evolution and Time-scales to Feed AGN 15 Combes, F.
Morphological Differences Between Seyfert Hosts and Normal Galaxies 23 Shlosman, Isaac
Stellar Streams in the Solar Neighbourhood from High Resolution N-Body Simulations 27 Fux, R.
Eccentric Ring Dynamics: The M 31 Double Nucleus 31 Statler, T. S.; Salow, R.; Vine, S.
Kinematics of the Circumnuclear Region of M 100 35 Knapen, Johan H.
The Evolution of Barred Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Fields 39 Merrifield, M. R.; Abraham, R. G.; Ellis, R. S.; Tanvir, N. R.; Brinchmann, J.
The Vertical Structure of Bars 43 Bureau, M.; Freeman, K. C.; Athanassoula, E.
An HST Study of the Giant Nuclear Ring in ESO 565-11 45 Buta, R.; Crocker, D. A.; Byrd, G. G.
Structure of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy at Low Galactic Latitudes 47 Cseresnjes, P.; Alard, C.; Guibert, J.
Fabry-Perot Absorption-Line Spectroscopy of NGC 7079 49 Debattista, Victor P.; Williams, T. B.
2D Stellar Kinematics of Nuclear Bars 51 Emsellem, Eric; Friedli, Daniel
Density Wave Theory of the Spiral Structure of Sa and Sb Galaxies 53 Fuchs, B.
The Remarkable Central Structure of the Barred Galaxy NGC 1415 55 Garcia-Barreto, J. Antonio; Moreno, E.
Near-IR Probing of Embedded Structures in Active Galaxies 57 Greusard, D.; Friedli, D.; Martinet, L.; Wozniak, H.; Martin, P.
Galactic Models with Star Formation and Gas Recycling 59 Jungwiert, B.; Palouš, J.; Combes, F.
Single CO Peak in the Double Bar Galaxy NGC 5850 61 Leon, S.; Combes, F.; Friedli, D.
Centers of Barred Galaxies: Secondary Bars and Gas Flows 63 Maciejewski, Witold
Near Infrared Imaging of a Sample of Isolated Active and Non-Active Spiral Galaxies 65 Márquez, I.; Durret, F.; DEGAS consortium, the
Circumnuclear Structure and Kinematics in the Active Galaxy NGC 6951 67 Márquez, I.; Durret, F.; DEGAS consortium, the
Preliminary Results of N-body Simulations of Barred Galaxies 69 Misiriotis, A.; Athanassoula, E.
Dust Emission in Barred Galaxies 71 Roussel, H.; Vigroux, L.; Sauvage, M.; Bosma, A.; Bonoli, C.
Bar-driven Transport of Molecular Gas in Spiral Galaxies: Observational Evidence 73 Sakamoto, Kazushi
Stellar Kinematics of Barred Galaxies 75 Wozniak, H.
Kolmogorov-Sinai Entropy in Self-consistent Models of Barred Galaxies 77 Wozniak, H.; Pfenniger, D.
The Role of the IILR in the Structure of the Central Gaseous Discs 79 Yuan, C.; Leon, S.
Distribution of Dark Matter in Bulge, Disk and Halo Inferred from High-Accuracy Rotation Curves 83 Sofue, Yoshiaki
Dark Matter in Spiral Galaxies 91 Bosma, A.
Phase--Space Constraints on Visible and Dark Matter Distributions in Elliptical Galaxies 95 Ciotti, L.
Orbital Structure and Dark Haloes of Elliptical Galaxies 99 Kronawitter, Andi; Gerhard, Ortwin E.; Saglia, R. P.; Bender, Ralf
Extragalactic Planetary Nebulae as Mass Tracers: Biases in the Estimate of Dynamical Quantities 103 Arnaboldi, M.; Napolitano, N.; Capaccioli, M.
Accretion by Galaxies 107 Binney, J. J.
Minor-Axis Stellar Velocity Gradients in Disk and Polar-Ring Galaxies 115 Bertola, F.; Corsini, E. M.
New Observations of Polar Ring Galaxies 119 Sparke, L. S.; Cox, A. L.
The Visible Environment of Gas Accreting Galaxies 125 Bettoni, D.; Galletta, G.; Prada, F.
Evolution of Gas Accreting Galaxies: Detection of Molecular Gas 129 Bettoni, D.; Garcia-Burillo, S.; Rodriguez-Franco, A.; Galletta, G.
Kinematic Properties of the Gas in the Central Region of Galaxies 131 Funes, José G.; Cappellari, Michele; Corsini, Enrico M.; Pizzella, Alessandro; Sarzi, Marc; Vega Beltrán, Juan C.; Bertola, Francesco
Photometric Properties of the Polar Ring Galaxy NGC 4650A in the NIR 133 Iodice, E.; Arnaboldi, M.; Capaccioli, M.; Combes, F.; Freeman, K.; Salucci, P.; Sparke, L.
Do Massive Spiral Arms Cause Velocity Wiggles? 135 Kranz, Thilo; Rix, Hans-Walter
Dark Matter Halos Merging Trees: the Merging Cell Model in a CDM Cosmology 137 Lanzoni, B.; Mamon, G. A.; Guiderdoni, B.
NGC 4672: a Candidate for Bulge-to-Disk Decoupling in Spirals 139 Sarzi, M.; Corsini, E. M.; Cappellari, M.; Pizzella, A.; Vega Beltrán, J. C.; Funes, J. G.; Bertola, F.
Secular Formation of Spheroidal Structures in Overdense Discs 141 Vine, Steve; Sigurdsson, S.
Cosmological Formation of Disk Galaxies 145 Mo, H. J.; Mao, S.
Dynamical Constraints on Disk Galaxy Formation 153 McGaugh, Stacy S.
Galaxy Dynamics from Edge-on Late-type Galaxies 161 Dalcanton, J. J.; Bernstein, R. A.
The Cosmological Origin of Disk Galaxy Scaling Laws 165 Steinmetz, Matthias; Navarro, Julio
The Evolution of Spiral Disks 175 Bershady, Matthew A.; Andersen, David R.
Constraints on Galaxy Formation from the Tully-Fisher Relation 179 van den Bosch, Frank C.
Feedback in Galaxy Formation 183 Silk, Joseph
Constraints on Galaxy Structure and Dynamical Evolution from Pure Disk Galaxies 185 Matthews, L. D.; Gallagher, J. S.; van Driel, W.
Warps and Sideways Torques 187 Bailin, Jeremy; Steinmetz, Matthias
Large-scale Shocks in NGC 253: The First Interferometer SiO Map of an External Galaxy 189 García-Burillo, S.
Location of Dust Lanes in Spiral Galaxies 191 Grosbøl, Preben J.; Block, David L.; Patsis, Panos A.
Molecular Gas in Circumnuclear Starbursts 193 Jogee, Shardha; Kenney, Jeffrey D. P.
Periodic Orbits in Warped Disk 197 Revaz, Y.; Pfenniger, D.
The Galactic Bulge 201 Gerhard, Ortwin
Mass Profiles of Elliptical Galaxies 205 Magorrian, S. J.
Elliptical Galaxy Scaling Relations and their Dependence on Galaxy Age 209 Forbes, Duncan A.
Are the Formation and Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies Constrained by Gravo-thermodynamics? 213 Gerbal, D.; Capelato, H.; Durret, F.; Lima Neto, G. B.; Márquez, I.
On the Formation of Boxy and Disky Elliptical Galaxies 217 Burkert, Andreas; Naab, Thorsten
Black Holes and Galaxy Evolution 221 Merritt, David
Passive Evolution, or the Evolution of the M/L Ratio of Early-type Galaxies to z = 0.83 231 Franx, M.; van Dokkum, P. G.; Kelson, D.; Illingworth, G. D.
Diffuse Dust and its Effects on the Kinematic Structure of Early-type Galaxies 237 Baes, Maarten; Dejonghe, Herwig
Gas and Stellar 2D Kinematics in Early-type Galaxies 241 Emsellem, Eric; Goudfrooij, Paul
Old-fashion Approach to Kinematically Decoupled Cores in Elliptical Galaxies 243 Boily, Christian M.
The Intrinsic Shape of Bulges 245 Cappellari, Michele; Bertola, Francesco; Buson, Lucio M.; Corsini, Enrico M.; Funes, José G.; Pizzella, Alessandro; Sarzi, Marc
Analytical Properties of the R1/m Law 247 Ciotti, L.; Bertin, G.
SAURON: First Results from Wide-field 3D-Spectroscopy of Galaxies 249 Copin, Y.; Bacon, R.; Emsellem, E.; Bureau, M.; Miller, B. W.; Verolme, E.; de Zeeuw, P. T.; Davies, R.; Peletier, R. F.; Carollo, M. C.; Monnet, G.
Counterrotating Gaseous Components in the Early-type Galaxy IC 4889 251 Corsini, E. M.; Pizzella, A.; Sarzi, M.; Vega Beltrán, J. C.; Cappellari, M.; Funes, J. G.; Bertola, F.
Approximate Third Integrals for Galactic Potentials 253 De Bruyne, V.; Leeuwin, F.; Dejonghe, H.
A Dynamical Model for the cD Galaxy NGC 6086 255 De Rijcke, S.; Dejonghe, H.; Carter, D.; Bridges, T. J.; Hau, G. K. T.
Numerical Simulations of Elliptical Galaxy Formation: The Color-Magnitude Relation 257 Kawata, D.
Numerical Simulations of Central Cusps in Elliptical Galaxies 259 Leeuwin, F.; Athanassoula, E.
Phase-space Properties of Elliptical Galaxies 261 Lima Neto, Gastão B.; Capelato, Hugo V.; Durret, Florence; Gerbal, Daniel; Márquez, Isabel
The Nature of The Halo Population of NGC 5128 Resolved with HST NICMOS 265 Marleau, Francine R.; Graham, James R.; Charlot, Stéphane; Liu, Michael C.
Formation of Massive Elliptical Galaxies in a Mixed Merger Scenario 267 Naab, Thorsten; Burkert, Andreas
Spiral Galaxies with HST: Near-Infared Properties of Bulges 269 Seigar, M.; Carollo, M.; Dejonghe, H.; Stiavelli, M.; de Zeeuw, T.
Mass and Age of the Nuclear Star Cluster in IC 342 271 van der Marel, Roeland P.; Böker, Torsten; Vacca, William D.
Non-equilibrium Kinematics in Merging Galaxies 275 Mihos, J. C.
Observing a Merging Sequence of Luminous IR Galaxies 279 Lo, K. Y.; Hwang, C. Y.; Lee, S. W.; Kim, D.-C.; Wang, W. H.; Lee, T. H.; Gruendl, R.; Gao, Y.
Mergers of Galaxies from an HI Perspective 285 Hibbard, J. E.
The Hosts of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies 295 Sanders, D. B.; Kim, D. C.; Mazzarella, J. M.; Surace, J. A.; Jensen, J. B.
Ultra-Luminous IR Galaxies at Low and High Redshift 301 Scoville, N. Z.
Structure and Evolution of Nearby UV-bright Starburst Galaxies 309 Gallagher, J. S.; Conselice, C. J.; Homeier, N.; the WFPC2 Investigation Definition Team
Globular Cluster Formation in Mergers 315 Whitmore, Bradley
Nuclear Brightness Profiles of Merger Remnants: Constraints on the Formation of Ellipticals by Mergers 323 van der Marel, Roeland P.; Zurek, David
Probing the Evolution of the Galaxy Interaction/Merger Rate Using Distant Collisional Ring Galaxies 327 Lavery, Russell J.; Remijan, Anthony J.
Galaxy Interactions and Starbursts at High Redshift 331 Somerville, R. S.; Rosenfeld, G.; Kolatt, T. S.; Dekel, A.; Mihos, J. C.; Primack, J. R.
Mid-IR Imaging of Toomre's Merger Sequence 335 Charmandaris, V.; Laurent, O.; Mirabel, I. F.; Gallais, P.
The Sinking of Rigid and Live Satellites in a Milky Way like Galaxy Halo 337 Colpi, M.; Mayer, L.; Governato, F.
Formation of Gaseous Shells 339 Combes, F.; Charmandaris, V.
Shocked Molecular Hydrogen in the Interacting System Mkn266 341 Davies, R. I.; Ward, M.; Sugai, H.
Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies in the Perseus Cluster 343 Gallagher, J. S.; Conselice, C. J.; Wyse, R. F. G.
The Morphology of Satellites in External Galaxies 345 Gutiérrez, C. M.; Prada, F.; Azzaro, M.
Kinematics of Intermediate Age Stars in the Magellanic Clouds: A Progress Report 347 Hatzidimitriou, D.; Cannon, R. D.; Croke, B. F.; Morgan, D. H.
Luminosity Profiles of Merger Remnants 349 Hibbard, J. E.; Yun, Min. S.
Modelling Gas and Stars in Cartwheel-like Systems 351 Horellou, C.; Combes, F.
Candidate Tidal Dwarf Galaxies Associated with Stephan's Quintet 353 Mendes de Oliveira, C.; Plana, H.; Amram, P.; Balkowski, C.; Bolte, M.
Intergalactic Cold Dust in the NGC 4631 System 355 Neininger, N.
Modeling Interacting Galaxies Using a Parallel Genetic Algorithm 357 Theis, Christian; Harfst, Stefan
A Close-Up View of a Merger System: Molecular Gas and Star Formation in the Antennae (NGC 4038/39) 359 Wilson, C. D.; Scoville, N.; Madden, S. C.; Charmandaris, V.
Dynamical Effects on Galaxies in Clusters 363 Moore, Ben; Quilis, Vicent; Bower, Richard
Dynamics of Galaxies in Compact Groups II. 369 Amram, P.; Mendes de Oliveira, C.
Deriving Mass Profile and Orbits of Galaxies in Clusters from ENACS 373 Mazure, A.; Biviano, A.; Katgert, Peter; Thomas, Tom; Adami, Christophe
Theory of Galaxy Dynamics in Clusters and Groups 377 Mamon, Gary A.
Intracluster Planetary Nebulae in the Virgo Cluster 389 Freeman, K. C.; Arnaboldi, M.; Capaccioli, M.; Ciardullo, R.; Feldmeier, J.; Ford, H.; Gerhard, O.; Kudritzki, R.; Jacoby, G.; Méndez, R. H.; Sharples, R.
Luminous Red Mergers in the z = 0.83 Cluster MS 1054--03: Direct Evidence for Hierarchical Formation of Massive Early-type Galaxies 393 van Dokkum, Pieter; Franx, Marijn; Fabricant, Daniel; Kelson, Daniel; Illingworth, Garth
Formation of cD Galaxies Within Dark Matter Distributions 397 García Gómez, Carlos; Garijo, Antonio; Athanassoula, E.
Effect of the Large Scale Environment on the Internal Dynamics of Early-Type Galaxies 399 Maubon, G.; Prugniel, Ph.
Halo Dynamics of M 87 401 Romanowsky, Aaron J.; Kochanek, Christopher S.
Hypercat: A Database for Extragalactic Astronomy 403 Prugniel, Ph.; Maubon, G.
The Interaction of NGC 7421 with the Intracluster Medium 405 Ryder, S. D.; Purcell, G.; Andersen, V.; Davis, D.
The HI Content of Spiral Galaxies in Clusters: Analysis of Observational Data 407 Solanes, J. M.; García-Gómez, C.; Manrique, A.; González-Casado, G.; Giovanelli, R.; Haynes, M. P.
Kinematics of an Anemic Cluster Galaxy -- Is the Stripping Process Still Active? 409 Vollmer, B.; Cayatte, V.; Balkowski, C.; Boselli, A.; Duschl, W. J.
Evolution Time-scales in the Hubble Sequence 413 Pfenniger, Daniel
Galaxy Formation in the IR/submm Wavelength Range 421 Guiderdoni, B.
Morphological and Star Formation Evolution to z = 1 425 Hammer, F.
Distant Disk Galaxies: Kinematics and Evolution to z ~1 435 Vogt, Nicole P.
Testing Hierarchical Galaxy Evolution Models with the Luminosity-Size Relation of Distant Field Galaxies 439 Simard, L.; Somerville, R. S.
ISOCAM Observations of Distant Galaxies Amplified by Gravitational Lensing 443 Biviano, A.; Metcalfe, L.; Altieri, B.; Leech, K.; Schulz, B.; McBreen, B.; Delaney, M.
Structure, Dynamics, and Evolution of Disk Galaxies in a Hierarchical Formation Scenario 445 Firmani, Claudio; Avila-Reese, Vladimir
On the Origin of Scaling Relations in Spiral Galaxies 449 Koda, J.; Sofue, Y.; Wada, K.
A New Clustering Model for Galaxy Formation 451 Salvador-Solé, E.; Manrique, A.; Raig, A.; Solanes, J. M.; González-Casado, G.
Theoretical Perspectives 455 Athanassoula, E.