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Paper: Intracluster Planetary Nebulae in the Virgo Cluster
Volume: 197, XVth IAP Meeting Dynamics of Galaxies: From the Early Universe to the Present
Page: 389
Authors: Freeman, K. C.; Arnaboldi, M.; Capaccioli, M.; Ciardullo, R.; Feldmeier, J.; Ford, H.; Gerhard, O.; Kudritzki, R.; Jacoby, G.; Méndez, R. H.; Sharples, R.
Abstract: We briefly describe the properties of the confirmed spectroscopic sample of the intracluster planetary nebulae recently discovered in the Virgo cluster. We find 23 ``bonafide'' intracluster planetary nebulae, and 8 high redshift (z ~3.1) Lyα emitters identified by their broad asymmetric emission line.
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