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Paper: Formation and Evolution of Disk Galaxies within Cold Dark Matter Halos
Volume: 215, Cosmic Evolution and Galaxy Formation: Structure, Interactions and Feedback
Page: 31
Authors: Avila-Reese, Vladimir; Firmani, Claudio; Klypin, Anatoly; Kravtsov, Andrey
Abstract: We present results of extensive model calculations of disk galaxy evolution within an hierarchical inside-out formation scenario. We first compare properties of the dark halos identified in a cosmological N-body simulation with predictions of a seminumerical method based on an extended collapse model and find a good agreement. We also study the properties of the halos in dependence on their environment. We then describe detailed modelling of the formation and evolution of disks within the growing isolated cold dark matter halos and predictions for the main properties, correlations and evolutionary features of normal disk galaxies. The possible shortcomings of the scenario are discussed.
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