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Paper: Accretion instabilities with time-scales from seconds to years in magnetic cataclysmic variables
Volume: 261, The Physics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Page: 155
Authors: Halevin, A. V.; Andronov, I. L.; Shakhovskoy, N. M.; Pavlenko, E. P.; Kolesnikov, S. V.; Ostrova, N. I.
Abstract: We report the results of investigations of unstable processes in the magnetic cataclysmic variables BY Cam, QQ Vul, MR Ser, AM Her and EF Eri. We analyze a role of the different effects, which determine unstable processes in the strongly magnetized cataclysmic variables. Several types of processes take place simultaneously at the similar time-scales, what makes investigations more difficult. By applying the wavelet analysis, we have investigated an origin of QPO's with time-scales of about minutes as possible manifestations of instabilities of ionization front near the inner Lagrangian point. Using contemporary methods for time series analysis, we firstly have determined parameters of the blobby accretion for several polars. Some cycle-to-cycle light curve changes were explained in the frame of unstable mass transfer processes.
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