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Paper: Evolution of truncated decretion disks in Be/X-Ray binaries
Volume: 261, The Physics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Page: 519
Authors: Okazaki, A. T.; Bate, M. R.; Ogilvie, G. I.; Pringle, J. E.
Abstract: We investigate the evolution of decretion disks around Be stars in Be/X-ray binaries, using a 3D SPH code. In Be disks in Be/X-ray binaries, the material ejected from the star gains the angular momentum by the viscous torque and loses it by the resonant torque exerted by the neutron star. As a result, the disk is truncated at a radius at which the resonant torque is larger than the viscous torque. Owing to the resonant truncation, the mass ejected from the star accumulates in the outer disk, making the density distribution in the radial direction much flatter than that in disks around isolated Be stars. The resonant truncation is more efficient for systems with a smaller orbital eccentricity.
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