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Paper: Peculiarities of the SU UMa type binary V1504 Cyg during one entire supercycle in 2000
Volume: 261, The Physics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Page: 523
Authors: Pavlenko, E. P.; Cook, L.; Irsmambetova, T. R.; Baklanov, A.; Dudka, O.
Abstract: We present a result of the detailed photometric investigation of the SU UMa type binary V1504 Cyg during its entire supercycle in 2000. The star seems to be an unique among the "typical" SU UMa stars: (1) it displays short-term outbursts lasting less than one day and occurring over the first part of a supercycle; (2) an existence of a superhump-like light variation over the first normal outburst after the superoutburst; (3) change of the interval between the subsequent normal outbursts and its top brightness with supercycle phase.
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