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Paper: ULTRACAM -- an ultra-fast, triple-beam CCD camera
Volume: 261, The Physics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Page: 672
Authors: Dhillon, V.; Marsh, T. R.; Kelly, J.; Pashley, R.; Stevenson, M.; Atkinson, D.; Beard, S.; Ives, D.; Peacocke, T.; Tierney, C.; Vick, A.
Abstract: ULTRACAM is an ultra-fast, triple-beam CCD camera which has been designed to study one of the few remaining unexplored regions of observational parameter space -- high temporal resolution. The camera will see first light in Spring 2002, at a total cost of #300k, and will be used on 2-m, 4-m and 8-m class telescopes to study astrophysics on the fastest timescales. For more information on ULTRACAM, please consult the instrument's web-site at <A HREF=""> ULTRACAM </A>.
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