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Paper: Once Again about the Origin of the System of the Giant Stellar Arcs in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Volume: 316, Order and Chaos in Stellar and Planetary Systems
Page: 261
Authors: Efremov, Yu.N.
Abstract: The origin of the arc-shaped stellar complexes in the LMC4 region is still unknown. These perfect arcs could not have been formed by O stars and SNe in their centers: strong arguments exist also against the possibility of their formation from infalling gas clouds. The origin from microquasar/GRB jets is not excluded, because there is a strong concentration of X-ray binaries in the same region and the massive old cluster NGC 1978, a probable site of formation of binaries with compact components, is there also. The last possibility is that the source of energy for formation of the stellar arcs and the LMC4 supershell might be the giant jet from the nucleus of the Milky Way, which might be active a dozen Myr ago.
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