Title: Order and Chaos in Stellar and Planetary Systems
Volume: 316 Year: 2004 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Byrd, Gene G.; Kholshevnikov, Konstantin V.; Myllari, Aleksandr A.; Nikiforov, Igor' I.; Orlov, Victor V.
ISBN: 1-58381-172-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-251-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
General Properties of Orbits   
Motion in the Rotationally Symmetric Potential Field 3 Agekian, T.
Individual and Statistical Aspects of Star Motions 10 Antonov, V.A.
Analytical Estimates of the Maximum Lyapunov Exponents in Problems of Celestial Mechanics 20 Shevchenko, I.I.
The Painleve Analysis and Construction of Solutions for the Generalized Henon-Heiles System 28 Timoshkova, E.I.; Vernov, S.Yu.
The Maximum Lyapunov Exponent of the Chaotic Motion in the Henon-Heiles Problem 34 Melnikov, A.V.; Shevchenko, I.I.
Orbits in "Disk+Halo" Galaxy Model 37 Kutuzov, S.A.
The Few-Body Problem   
Statistical Approach to the Three-Body Problem 45 Valtonen, M.; Myllari, A.; Orlov, V.; Rubinov, A.
Symbolic Dynamics and Chaos in the Three-Body Problem 57 Myllari, A.; Lehto, H.; Valtonen, M.; Heinamaki, P.; Rubinov, A.; Petrova, A.; Orlov, V.; Martynova, A.; Chernin, A.
Collinear Three-Body Problem with Non-Equal Masses by Symbolic Dynamics 63 Saito, M.M.; Tanikawa, K.
Metastable Trajectories in Free-Fall Three-Body Problem 70 Orlov, V.; Petrova, A.; Rubinov, A.; Martynova, A.
Boundaries of Chaotic Stable Motion in the Restricted 3-Body Problem 76 Pitjev, N.P.; Sokolov, L.L.
Dynamics of Capture in the Restricted Three-Body Problem 80 Astakhov, S.; Burbanks, A.; Wiggins, S.; Farrelly, D.
Statistical Laws in Chaotic Dynamics of Multiple Stars 86 Rubinov, A.; Petrova, A.; Orlov, V.
On the Structure and Evolution of the "Basins of Attraction" in Ring-Type N-Body Formations 93 Croustalloudi, M.; Kalvouridis, T.
The Solar System and Extrasolar Planetary Systems: Dynamics, Evolution, Formation   
Behaviour of a Weakly Perturbed Two-Planetary System on a Cosmogonic Time-Scale 99 Kholshevnikov, K.V.; Kuznetsov, E.D.
Regular Coordinates Correction on Computing the Ephemeris of Small Celestial Bodies of Solar System 106 Poleshchikov, S.M.; Kholopov, A.A.
Distance Between Two Arbitrary Unperturbed Orbits 110 Kholshevnikov, K.V.; Baluyev, R.V.
Catalogue of Almost Coinciding Orbits in the Solar System 116 Kholshevnikov, K.V.; Bessmertny, I.S.
The Orbital Evolution of Near-Earth Asteroids in the 3:1 Mean Motion Resonance 118 Timoshkova, E.I.
The Orbital Distributions of Particles Resulting from Multiple Close Encounters with Planet in a Steady-State Approximation 122 Dikarev, V.; Grun, E.
Fine-Scale Irregular Structure in Saturn's Rings 129 Griv, E.; Gedalin, M.; Livertz, E.; Yuan, C.
Effects of Planetesimal Dynamics on the Formation of Terrestrial Planets 132 Rafikov, R.R.
Towards a Formation of the Solar System by Gravitational Instability in a Disk of Rarely Colliding Planetesimals 139 Griv, E.
Disastrous Events in Phanerozoic History of the Earth and the Sun Motion in the Galaxy 142 Goncharov, G.; Orlov, V.
Motions in Extrasolar Planetary Systems: Between Regularity and Chaos 145 Sokolov, L.; Pitjev, N.
Habitability and Stability of Orbits for Earth-Like Planets in the Extrasolar System 47 UMa 149 Franck, S.; von Bloh, W.; Bounama, C.; Cuntz, M.
The 3:1 Resonance in the 55 Cancri 155 Zhou, L.Y.; Lehto, H.J.; Zheng, J.Q.
The Phenomenon of Double Star 61 Cygni: Some Hypothesis on Its Satellites 158 Gorshanov, D.L.; Shakht, N.A.; Kisselev, A.A.; Polyakov, E.V.
Star Clusters   
Kinematics of Stars in Old Open Cluster M67 163 Loktin, A.V.
New Mechanism of Energy Transformation from Supernovae to Star Cluster 169 Surdin, V.
Interaction of the Compact Stellar Cluster with an Accretion Disk in AGNs 176 Omarov, Ch.T.; Spurzem, R.; Vilkoviskij, E.Y.
Relaxation Time Estimates in Numerical Dynamical Models of Open Stellar Clusters 180 Danilov, V.; Dorogavtzeva, L.
Properties of Stellar Trajectories in Numerical Dynamical Models of Open Stellar Clusters 183 Danilov, V.M.; Leskov, Ye.V.
On the Cluster Dynamics in the Galactic Field 186 Davydenko, A.A.; Ossipkov, L.P.
Fractal Properties of Hierarchical Star Clusters 189 Surdin, V.
On Problems of Probably Double and Multiple Open Star Clusters 192 Ziyakhanov, R.F.; Nuritdinov, S.N.; Muminov, M.M.; Muslimova, Yu.Ch.
Structure and Kinematics of the Milky Way Galaxy   
The Distance to the Center of the Galaxy: the Current State-of-the-Art in Measuring R0 199 Nikiforov, I.I.
The Classification of Cepheids by Pulsation Modes 209 Zabolotskikh, M.V.; Rastorguev, A.S.; Egorov, I.E.
Local Motions in the Milky Way Galaxy from HIPPARCOS Data 215 Ossipkov, L.; Myllari, A.; Flynn, C.
Distribution and Motion of Bright Stars within 500 pc 221 Gontcharov, G.
Negative K-Effect in Motion of the Gould Belt Stars 224 Bobylev, V.V.
Stellar Kinematics by Vectorial Harmonics 230 Vityazev, V.; Shuksto, A.
Evidences of Axial Symmetry Rupture in the Solar Neighborhood 234 Alcobe, S.; Cubarsi, R.
On the Form of the Velocity Ellipsoid for Flat Subsystems. Theory and Observations 237 Ossipkov, L.P.
Investigation of the Possible Links between Different Characteristics of Galactic Disk Dwarf Stars from the Spectral Classes F and G 240 Malasidze, G.A.; Dzigvashvili, R.M.
TYCHO2: Search for Stellar Groups Using Wavelet Transform 243 Kazakevich, E.; Vityazev, V.; Orlov, V.
Statistics of Double Stars 247 Gontcharov, G.
Orientation of AMP-Orbits of Pulkovo Programme Binary Stars in the Galaxy Coordinate Frame 250 Kisselev, A.A.; Romanenko, L.G.
One Stochastic Model of Stellar Population 255 Vyuga, A.A.
Outside the Milky Way   
Once Again about the Origin of the System of the Giant Stellar Arcs in the Large Magellanic Cloud 261 Efremov, Yu.N.
Properties of Globular Cluster Candidates in the Local Volume Dwarf Galaxies from the HST 267 Sharina, M.E.
Does the Galaxy NGC4622 Have a Pair of Leading Arms? 270 Byrd, G.; Freeman, T.; Buta, R.
Star Formation and the Color—Age Sequence in the Inner Resonance Ring of the Galaxy NGC3081 276 Freeman, T.; Byrd, G.; Buta, R.
The Ordered Matter Outflow from AGNs 279 Vilkoviskij, E.Y.; Yefimov, S.N.
Interacting Subsystems in the Evolution of AGNs 282 Vilkoviskij, E.Y.; Baturina, E.B.
On the Dynamics of Clusters of Galaxies in the Expanding Universe 284 Kozhanov, T.S.
Influence of the Vacuum on the Galaxy Groups Dynamics 291 Minz, A.; Orlov, V.
Method of Determination of Spatial Luminosity Distribution Using 2D-Data 294 Mardanova, M.A.
Models of Gravitating Systems   
To Recent 150th Anniversary of Sofia Kovalevskaya (1850—1891): Her Scientific Legacy in Celestial Mechanics of Equilibrium Figures of Fluid Mass in Axial Rotation 303 Polyakhova, E.N.
Some Historical Notes on the Dynamics of Spherical Star Systems 313 Ossipkov, L.P.
On Potential Formulae in Stellar Dynamics 323 Ninkovic, S.
Gravitational Potential of Material Wide Ring, Filled by Rosette Orbit 326 Kondratyev, B.P.; Mukhametshina, E.S.; Trubitsina, N.G.
Limited Mass Distribution Galaxy 331 Kutuzov, S.A.
The Galactic Bulge Modelling 334 Raspopova, N.V.
Three-Integral Models of the Milky Way Disk 337 Famaey, B.; Jorissen, A.; Dejonghe, H.; Udry, S.; Mayor, M.
The Gross-Dynamics of Star Systems 340 Ossipkov, L.P.
On the Limiting Angular Velocity of the Rotation of the Stellar Systems 346 Kondratyev, B.P.
Agekian's Factor and Relaxation Time 349 Ninkovic, S.
Numerical Integration of the Landau Kinetic Equation 352 Griv, E.
Dynamics of Non-Stationary Systems   
Non-Linear Dynamics of Galaxies 357 Antonov, V.A.
Towards Theory of Compulsive Phase Mixing for Non-Stationary Stellar Systems 363 Mirtadjieva, K.T.; Kirbijekova, I.I.; Nuritdinov, S.N.
On the Dynamics of Non-Stationary Binary Stellar Systems 366 Bekov, A.A.
Chaotic Behavior of Oscillations of Self-Gravitating Spheroid 371 Omarov, Ch.T.; Malkov, E.A.
Gross-Dynamics of Two Concentric Gravitating Spheres 374 Ossipkov, L.P.; Shoshin, A.G.
Modes of High Degrees for Collapsing Galaxies: Formation of Globular Cluster Systems 377 Nuritdinov, S.N.; Tadjibaev, I.U.; Mirtadjieva, K.T.
Lin-Shu's Quasi-Stationary Spiral Structure Hypothesis and Critical Behaviour of Stellar Disks in a Marginal State 381 Maksumov, M.N.
Scattering of Stars by Jeans-Unstable Density Waves 386 Griv, E.; Gedalin, M.; Eichler, D.