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Paper: Multi-Transition VLBA Observations of Circumstellar SiO Masers
Volume: 340, Future Directions in High Resolution Astronomy: The 10th Anniversary of the VLBA
Page: 384
Authors: Soria-Ruiz, R.; Colomer, F.; Alcolea, J.; Desmurs, J.-F.; Bujarrabal, V.; Marvel, K.M.; Diamond, P.J.; Boboltz, D.
Abstract: On this paper, we present simultaneous VLBA observations of the J=1−0 and J=2−1 rotational lines in the v=1 and v=2 vibrationally excited states of SiO (at λ ∼ 7 and 3 mm). We have mapped these four maser lines in the circumstellar envelopes of three AGB stars: IRC+10011, χ Cyg and TXCam. We study the relative spatial distribution between these maser lines. In particular, for the two v=1 transitions, we found that the J=1−0 and J=2−1 maser spot distributions are unalike, challenging all the current theoretical pumping mechanisms for SiO masers (which predict quite similar distribution for maser lines in the same vibrational excited state).
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