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Paper: Dubious Deductions from AGN Survey Data
Volume: 284, AGN Surveys, IAU Colloquium 184
Page: 147
Authors: Antonucci, Robert
Abstract: Unified models don't assert that just any old (famous) Seyfert 1 is to be identified with any old Seyfert 2. Radio astronomers learned the same thing for the unification of compact flat-spectrum sources (usually with superluminal motion), relative to the large steep-spectrum doubles. Historically, comparisons have been made primarily between Seyfert 1s much lower on the luminosity function than Seyfert 2s; similarly the double radio sources have often been compared inappropriately to core-dominant flat spectrum sources with much lower power. The only hope is advance selection according to some (hopefully, nearly) isotropic property. Thus for example the IRAS AGN studied by de Grijp, Keel et al. were matched largely by the 60mu flux; another example is the large study of quasar spectra with HST, carried out by B Wills et al.; there the selection criterion was power in the large diffuse components of radio emission.
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