Title: AGN Surveys, IAU Colloquium 184
Volume: 284 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Green, R. F.; Khachikian, E. Ye.; Sanders, D. B.
ISBN: 1-58381-127-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-619-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
Markarian's First Survey (FBS) - Some Most Interesting Objects 3 Khachikian, Edward Ye.
The Population of AGNs in Nearby Galaxies 13 Ho, Luis C.
The Second Byurakan Survey - The Final Results. The Multiwavelength AGN Survey in the SBS Area 23 Stepanian, Jivan A.; Chavushyan, V. H.
The Hamburg All Sky Bright QSO Surveys 33 Reimers, Dieter; Wisotzki, Lutz
Objective Prism Emission-Line Searches for Active Galactic Nuclei 43 Gronwall, Caryl; Sarajedini, V. L.; Salzer, J. J.
The US and other Optically Selected Bright QSO Samples 53 Mitchell, Kenneth J.; Usher, P. D.
Luminosity Function and Evolution of Optically Selected QSOs 59 Wisotzki, Lutz
AGNs from a Variability-and-Proper Motion Survey 69 Meusinger, Helmut; Brunzendorf, J.; Scholz, R.-D.; Irwin, M.
Spectroscopic and Variability Surveys for AGN in the Groth Survey Strip 75 Sarajedini, Vicki
Spectral Variability of Quasars in the Optical Band 81 Trèvese, Dario; Vagnetti, Fausto
AGNs in Shahbazian Compact Groups 87 Amirkhanian, Arthur S.; Egikian, Anahit G.; Tiersch, H.; Stoll, D.
A Morphological Optical Survey of Nearby AGN 89 Boschetti, C. S.; Ciroi, S.; Funes, J.; Omizzolo, A.; Rafanelli, P.; Richter, G. M.; Rifatto, A.; Vennik, J.
Byurakan Surveys: Density of Bright AGN 92 Erastova, Lidia K.
Comparison of ELG and UV Galaxies from the SBS Survey 94 Gyulzadian, Marieta V.
Seven Samples of SBS Galaxies in Selected Fields 97 Hakopian, Susanna A.; Balayan, Smbat K.
Properties of Low-z NELGs from the VPM Survey 99 Meusinger, Helmut; Brunzendorf, J.
The Blue Stellar Objects of the First Byurakan Survey 101 Mickaelian, Areg M.
The New BL Lac Candidaties from the FBS 103 Torosyan, Ofelia Kh.
Probable Associations of BL Lac Objects with Zwicky and Abell Clusters 106 Torosyan, Ofelia Kh.
Spectroscopic Diagnostics for AGNs 111 Veilleux, Sylvain
The 2MASS Red AGN Survey 127 Cutri, Roc M.; Nelson, B. O.; Francis, P. J.; Smith, P. S.
The Optical, Infrared and Radio Properties of Extragalactic Sources Observed by SDSS, 2MASS and FIRST Surveys 137 Ivezić, željko; Becker, R. H.; Blanton, M.; Fan, Xiaohui; Finlator, Kristian; Gunn, J. E.; Hall, P.; Kim, R. S. J.; Knapp, G. R.; Loveday, J.; Lupton, Robert H.; Menou, Kristen; Narayanan, V.; Richards, G. R.; Rockosi, C. M.; Schlegel, D.; Schneider, D. P.; Strateva, I.; Strauss, M. A.; vanden Berk, D.; Voges, W.; Yanny, B.; The SDSS Collaboration
Dubious Deductions from AGN Survey Data 147 Antonucci, Robert
Infrared Surveys for AGN 157 Smith, Harding E.
Unveiling the Evolution of Type 1 AGNs in the IR (15 microns) - as Seen by ISO in the ELIAS-S1 Region 167 Matute, Israel; La Franca, F.; Gruppioni, C.; Pozzi, F.; Lari, C.
Testing the Unified Model with an Infrared Selected Sample of Seyferts 173 Schmitt, Henrique R.; Ulvestad, J. S.; Antonucci, R. R. J.; Clarke, C. J.; Pringle, J. E.; Kinney, A. L.
Results from ISOCAM Deep Surveys: An Answer on the AGN Contribution to the Cosmic Infrared Background 179 Aussel, Herve
Blazars from the CLASS survey 189 Marcha, Maria J.; Caccianiga, Alessandro
Discovery of Active Galactic Nuclei in Mid- and Far-Infrared Deep Surveys with ISO 195 Taniguchi, Yoshiaki
A New MIR/submm Diagnostic for Dust-Enshrouded AGN 205 Haas, Martin
The NAture of the Faint Far-Infrared Extragalactic Source Population: Optical/NIR and Radio Follow-Up Observationts of ISOPHOT Deep-Field Sources using the Keck, Subaru, and VLA Telescopes. 213 Kakazu, Yuko; Sanders, David B.; Joseph, R. D.; Cowie, L. L.; Murayama, T.; Taniguchi, Y.; Veilleux, S.; Yun, Min S.; Kawara, K.; Sofue, Y.; Sato, Y.; Okuda, H.; Wakamatsu, K.; Matsumoto, T.; Matsuhara, H.
IRAS03158+4227 - a ULIRG in a Widely Separated Pair of Galaxies 215 Meusinger, Helmut; Stecklum, B.; Brunzendorf, J.
The Byurakan-IRAS Galaxy (BIG) Sample: The Redshift Survey 217 Mickaelian, Areg M.; Balayan, Smbat K.; Hakopian, Susanna A.
Search for Obscured IRAS Galaxies 220 Mickaelian, Areg M.; Hakopian, Susanna A.; Balayan, Smbat K.
The Obscured AGN Population Probed by X-ray Observations 225 Iwasawa, Kazushi
The AGN Content of Hard X-ray Surveys 235 Comastri, Andrea; Vignali, C.; Brusa, M.; The Hellas; Hellas2XMM Consortia
AGN Populations from Optical Identification of ASCA Surveys 245 Akiyama, Masayuki; Ueda, Y.; Ohta, K.
The X-ray Variability of High Redshift QSOs 251 Manners, James C.; Almaini, Omar; Lawrence, Andy
New Results from the REX Survey 257 Caccianiga, Alessandro; Marchã, M. J. M.; Maccacaro, T.; Wolter, A.; della Ceca, R.; Gioia, I. M.
Optical Identification of X-ray Sources in a High X-ray Flux Sensitivity Area from the RASS 259 Mújica, R.; Zickgraf, F.-J.; Chavushyan, V. H.; Juárez, Y.; Serrano, A.; Appenzeller, I.; Krautter, J.
AGN Search From Multicolor CCD Photometric Observations of Faint ROSAT X-ray Sources in a One Square Degree Field 261 Xue, Suijian; Zhou, Xu; Zhang, H.
Surveys of Parsec-Scale Radio Structures in AGN 265 Gurvits, Leonid I.
Radio AGN Surveys 275 De Breuck, Carlos; van Breugel, Wil; Röttgering, Huub; Carilli, C.
AGN Selection by Size of Dominant Emission 281 Augusto, Pedro M.; Gonzalez-Serrano, J. I.; Perez-Fournon, Ismael
The Orientation of the Seyfert Nucleus in Mrk 348 289 Antón, Sonia; Thean, A.; Browne, I.; Pedlar, A.
Optical Identification of Weak and Compact Radio Sources 291 Artyukh, V. S.; Hovhannisyan, M. A.; Mahtesyan, A. P.; Movsesyan, V. H.
The FIRST-APM QSO Survey (FAQS) in the SBS Region. Current Status 293 Chavushyan, Vahram H.; Müjica, Raul; Valdés, J. R.; Carrasco, L.; Stepanian, Jivan A.; Verkhodanov, Oleg
Energy Density and Radiation Losses in Giant Radio Galaxies 295 Jamrozy, Marek; Machalski, J.
Compact Jets in 100 AGNs with the Strongest Broad-Band Variability of 1-22 GHz Spectra in 1997-2001 297 Kovalev, Yuri A.; Kovalev, Yuri Y.; Nizhelsky, N. A.; Bogdantsov, A. B.
Survey and Analysis of 1-22 GHz Spectra for the Full Sample of 660 AGNs North of Declination -30 Degrees 299 Kovalev, Yuri Y.; Nizhelsky, N. A.; Kovalev, Yuri A.; Zhekanis, G. V.; Bogdantsov, A. V.
Different Types of Radio Sources and Possible Evolution of Radio Galaxies 301 Ohanian, Gabriel A.
5-GHz VLBI Imaging Observations of 7 Equatorial AGNs 304 Shen, Zhi-Qiang; Jiang, D. R.; Chen, Y. J.; Wan, T.-S.
Decametric AGNs: FIRST and NVSS Maps and Radio Spectra 306 Verkhodanova, Natalia V.; Verkhodanov, Oleg V.; Andernach, Heinz
IRAS F02044+0957: A Radio Source in Interacting System of Galaxies 308 Verkhodanov, Oleg V.; Chavushyan, Vahram H.; Mújica, Raul; Valdés, J. R.; Trushkin, S. A.
Photometrical Study of Radio Galaxies in RATAN-600 "Cold" survey 310 Verkhodanov, O. V.; Parijskij, Yurij N.; Soboleva, Natalia S.; Kopylov, Alexander I.; Temirova, Adelina V.; Zhelenkova, Olga P.; Goss, W. M.
System to estimation of ages and redshifts for radio galaxies 312 Verkhodanov, Oleg V.; Kopylov, Alexander I.; Verkhodanova, Natalia V.; Zhelenkova, Olga P.; Chernenkov, Vladimir N.; Parijskij, Yurij N.; Soboleva, Natalia S.; Temirova, Adelina V.
Surveys of High-Redshift QSO Hosts 317 Hutchings, John B.
Are there AGNs in the Nearby Dwarf Galaxies? 325 Karachentsev, Igor D.; Karachentseva, V. E.
AGN and the Demographics of Supermassive Black Holes 335 Green, Richard F.
The Formation and Feeding of Massive Black Holes in the Early Universe 343 Duschl, Wolfgang J.; Strittmatter, P. A.
Quasar Variability: New Surveys and New Models 351 Hawkins, Michael R. S.
Rapid Variations in the Broad Hβ Profile of the Radio Galaxy 3C390.3: Possible Evidence for Turbulence in the Accretion Disk 357 Asatrian, Norair S.; Khachikian, E. Ye.; Notni, P.
Rapid Profile Variations in the Broad Hα Line of the Seyfert Galaxy Markarian 6: Possible Evidence for Turbulence in the Accretion Disk 359 Asatrian, Norair S.; Khachikian, E. Ye.; Notni, P.
Spectral Variability of Some Seyfert Galaxies 361 Denissyuk, Eduard K.; Gaisina, V. N.; Valiullin, Rashit R.
Analysis of Color Variability of BL Lac during 1997 and 1999 Outbursts 363 Hagen-Thorn, Vladimir A.; Larionov, Valery M.; Hagen-Thorn, A. V.; Jorstad, S. G.; Temnov, G. O.
AGN from the Perspective of New Approaches in Astrophysics 365 Iskudarian, Sofik G.
Helical structures in Seyfert galaxies 367 Moiseev, Alexei V.; Afanasiev, Victor L.; Dodonov, Serguei N.; Mustsevoi, V. V.; Khrapov, S. S.
Correlation of Optical and X-ray Radiation of NGC 4151 and 3C 390.3. Preliminary Results 369 Novikova, O. A.; Bochkarev, N. G.
Energy Releases from Accreting Superdense Compact Objects in AGNs 371 Sadoyan, Avetis A.
Intermediate Resolution Hβ Spectroscopy and Photometric Monitoring of 3C 390.3. I. Further Evidence of a Nuclear Accretion disk 373 Shapovalova, Alla I.; Burenkov, A. N.; Spiridonova, O. I.; Vlasyuk, V. V.; Mikhailov, V. P.; Carrasco, L.; Chavushyan, V. H.; Valdes, J. R.; Legrand, F.; Doroshenko, V. T.; Lyuty, V. M.; Bochkarev, N. G.; Dumont, A.-M.; Collin, S.; Kurtanidze, O.; Nikolashvili, M. G.
Rapid Variations in the Seyfert 1 Galaxy Mrk 474 375 Valiullin, Rashit R.
Using the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) and Federated Virtual Observatory Archives for Multiwavelength Studies of AGN 379 Mazzarella, Joseph M.; The NED Team
New Statistical Methods for Analysis of Large Surveys: Distributions and Correlations 389 Petrosian, Vahe
Digitization of the FBS: Its Future Use and Expected Results 399 Mickaelian, Areg M.
The Evidence for an Evolutionary Connection Between Luminous Infrared Galaxies and Luminous Optically-Selected AGN 411 Sanders, David B.