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Paper: Helical structures in Seyfert galaxies
Volume: 284, AGN Surveys, IAU Colloquium 184
Page: 367
Authors: Moiseev, Alexei V.; Afanasiev, Victor L.; Dodonov, Serguei N.; Mustsevoi, V. V.; Khrapov, S. S.
Abstract: The Seyfert galaxies with a cone-like morphology of Narrow Line Regions (NLRs) and with "Z"-shaped structures of the emission filaments are considered. Some galaxies were observed at the 6m telescope by means of 2D spectroscopy methods. We assume that observable Z-shaped structures and velocity pattern of NLRs may be explained as three-dimensional helical waves in the ionizations cone. Our 2D and 3D non-linear hydrodynamic simulations support this scenario of formation of the emission structures in Seyfert galaxies.
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