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Paper: Models of photo-ionized X-ray reflection in AGN
Volume: 290, Active Galactic Nuclei: from Central Engine to Host Galaxy
Page: 55
Authors: Nayakshin, S.
Abstract: As emphasized several years ago, X-rays create a hot ionized skin on the surface of accretion disks. This skin changes reflected and even intrinsic spectra of disks substantially. While the main effects are in principle easy to understand, they are many. These effects are also non-linearly connected with the corona producing the X-rays, and are complicated in a time-dependent setting. Here I will review these effects and point out possible connections with observations. The main conclusion is that in no system there is an unambiguous spectral evidence for a cut-off, e.g. a hole, in the ``standard'' accretion disk at small radii. If time permits, I will also mention our latest work which explains the spectrum of our Galactic Center as due to condensation of hot gas onto the surface of the cool ``standard'' disk rather than an ADAF-type model.
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