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Paper: One week with Chandra: a long look at NGC 5548
Volume: 290, Active Galactic Nuclei: from Central Engine to Host Galaxy
Page: 101
Authors: Kaastra, J. S.; Steenbrugge, K. C.; Brinkman, A. C.; Crenshaw, D. M.; Kraemer, S. B.; Paerels, F. B. S.; Liedahl, D. A.; George, I. M.; Turner, T. J.; Yaqoob, T.
Abstract: We present the first results of a one week observation in January 2002 of the Seyfert 1 galaxy NGC 5548, using the Chandra low and high resolution grating spectrometers. The combined spectrum covers the entire 0.1-10 keV range with high resolution and unprecedented signal to noise ratio. Multiple velocity components and a range of at least two decades in ionisation parameter are discovered. A major outburst occured during this week long observation, and we obtained good spectra of the burst as well as of the pre- and postflare quiescent phase. Comparison of these spectra shows significant time variability in both resolved broadened emission components (up to velocities of 10000 km/s) as well as in the narrow absorption components. The implications in terms of both warm absorber and accretion disk will be discussed.
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