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Paper: Characterization of Optical Microvariability in Quasars
Volume: 290, Active Galactic Nuclei: from Central Engine to Host Galaxy
Page: 123
Authors: Ramírez, A.; de Diego, J. A.; Dultzin-Hacyan, D.; Benítez, E.
Abstract: Microvariations (magnitude changes of several hundredths in timescales ranging from minutes to hours) may arise from three sources: jet and accretion instabilities and gravitational microlensing events. Each may produce different changes on the quasars continuous spectra. For this reason, BVR observations can yield a high degree of discrimination between these microvariability sources. The monitoring of selected radio-quiet and radio-loud quasars samples is presented. Ours results to cast light on the physical models for microvariations.
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