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Paper: Which Numerical Method for Protostellar Collapse?
Volume: 385, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows: Astronum-2007
Page: 247
Authors: Commer├žon, B.; Hennebelle, P.; Audit, E.; Chabrier, G.; Teyssier, R.
Abstract: Two main numerical methods, namely AMR and SPH, are nowadays widely used to simulate the collapse and the fragmentation of prestellar cores. We compare thoroughly these two methods with numerical resolution requirements deduced from previous studies, using a physical model as simple as possible. We study the conservation of angular momentum and the fragmentation issues as a function of the numerical resolution. There seems to be a convergence between the two methods, provided resolution in each case is sufficient. Resolution criteria adapted to our physical cases, in terms of resolution per Jeans mass or length, for an accurate description of the formation of protostellar cores are deduced from the present study.
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