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Paper: Interactive Visualization of Astrophysical Plasma Simulations with SDvision
Volume: 385, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows: Astronum-2007
Page: 327
Authors: Pomarède, D.; Fidaali, Y.; Audit, E.; Brun, A.S.; Masset, F.; Teyssier, R.
Abstract: SDvision is a graphical interface developed in the framework of IDL Object Graphics and designed for the interactive and immersive visualization of astrophysical plasma simulations. Three-dimensional scalar and vector fields distributed over regular mesh grids or more complex structures such as adaptive mesh refinement data or multiple embedded grids, as well as N-body systems, can be visualized in a number of different, complementary ways. Various implementations of the visualization of the data are simultaneously proposed, such as 3D isosurfaces, volume projections, hedgehog and streamline displays, surface and image of 2D subsets, profile plots, particle clouds. The SDvision widget allows to visualize complex, composite scenes both from outside and from within the simulated volume. This tool is used to visualize data from RAMSES, a hybrid N-body and hydrodynamical code which solves the interplay of dark matter and the baryon gas in the study of cosmological structures formation, from HERACLES, a radiation hydrodynamics code used in particular to study turbulence in interstellar molecular clouds, from the ASH code dedicated to the study of stellar magnetohydrodynamics, and from the JUPITER multi-resolution code used in the study of protoplanetary disks formation.
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