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Paper: VOSpec: A Tool for Handling Virtual Observatory Compliant Spectra
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 198
Authors: Osuna, P.; Barbarisi, I.; Salgado, J.; Arviset, C.
Abstract: There are lots of tools for spectra analysis and display in the astronomical community. However, there is a need for a “VO-enabled” tool that can superimpose spectra coming from different projects within the VO and in VO-format.
One of the main reasons for the current absence of such a tool is the fact that astronomical spectra are not as well defined as, e.g., images are. The IVOA has made a significant effort in trying to define a Simple Spectral Access Protocol by which part of this problem is solved, giving the rules to be able to handle spectral data in the VO context.
By defining an algorithm based on dimensional analysis for the superimposition of spectra coming from VO resources, we at ESAC have been able to create a tool that can superimpose VO spectra that declare their metadata in a specific way. To do this, VO SSAP-compatible resources will only have to give three new extra fields in their VOTable SSAP results for the tool to be able to superimpose the spectra. At the time of writing this abstract, the ESAC is planning to propose these three extra metadata fields for acceptance at the IVOA as optional inputs in the definition of the Simple Spectral Access Protocol.
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