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Paper: Study of the Physical Properties of Coronal “Waves” and Associated Dimmings
Volume: 397, First Results From Hinode
Page: 126
Authors: Attrill, G.D.R.; Harra, L.K.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Williams, D.; Alexeev, I.V.
Abstract: We present results from our study run by Hinode, designed to obtain information on the physical properties of the diffuse bright fronts known as “EIT coronal waves” and their associated dimmings. We analyse data obtained during a frustrated eruption event on 5th May 2007. The event produces a bright front as well as deep and shallow dimmings. We show that the dimmings of this frustrated eruption show similar physical properties to those observed in textbook “EIT coronal wave” events. The Hinode/EIS data show that both the deep and shallow dimmings associated with this frustrated eruption show blueshifted velocities. It is therefore consistent that, like the deep core dimmings, the widespread shallow dimmings observed with many textbook coronal “wave” events may also be due to plasma outflows.
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