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Paper: Assembly and Classification of Spectral Energy Distributions — A New VO Web Service
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 365
Authors: Adorf, H.-M.; Kerber, F.; Lemson, G.; Micol, A.; Mignani, R.; Rauch, T.; Voges, W.
Abstract: We report progress on a new Web service for automated supervised object classification, which is being implemented in a collaboration between the GAVO and AVO projects. The new service will eventually carry out the following steps: An input list of sky-positions is used for querying multiple distributed catalogues covering different wavelength ranges. The sources returned are spatially matched using a statistical method, and a list of observational spectral energy distributions (SEDs) is assembled. Model SEDs are prepared using a library of theoretical spectra. The observational SEDs are submitted to a statistical classifier that uses the model SEDs for photometric template matching. For each observational SED the best-matching model SEDs are identified. – A science case has been selected for testing the capabilities of this Web service.
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