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Paper: Configurable Format Conversion Tool from XML to FITS with Binary Extensions
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 404
Authors: Matsuzaki, K.; Baba, H.; Shuto, K.; Miura, A.; Nakamoto, H.; Kanamori, R.; Kobayashi, Y.
Abstract: We have developed a prototype of a configurable format conversion tool from XML document to FITS document with binary extensions. Structure of input data of this tool is specified by an XML schema language – RELAX NG – and that of output is also specified by a schema described in XML. This tool is configured by a definition of simple mapping created from schema of input and output. Since RELAX NG is a general purpose XML schema language and this tool accepts mapping of arbitral data item in XML data structure, we expect this tool will be widely used in data processing for astronomy.
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