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Paper: Architecture of the WFCAM/eSTAR Transient Object Detection Agent
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 504
Authors: Cavanagh, B.; Allan, A.; Jenness, T.; Economou, F.; Hirst, P.; Adamson, A.; Naylor, T.
Abstract: The eSTAR Project and the Joint Astronomy Centre are developing an agent for automated transient and moving object detection, identification, and alerts. The agent is being developed for the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope's Wide Field Camera, and will use output from a data reduction pipeline to cross-correlate results with known objects, taken from pre-existing survey databases and a running database of objects previously observed with WFCAM. The agent will be able to identify transient and moving objects and alert astronomers depending on their specific interests. This paper will describe the architecture of the agent and its integration with the eSTAR Project, systems at the JAC, and external resources.
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