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Paper: NBodyLab Simulation Experiments with GRAPE-6a and MD-GRAPE2 Acceleration
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 524
Authors: Johnson, V.; Ates, A.
Abstract: NbodyLab is an astrophysical N-body simulation testbed for student research. It is accessible via a web interface and runs as a backend framework under Linux. NbodyLab can generate data models or perform star catalog lookups, transform input data sets, perform direct summation gravitational force calculations using a variety of integration schemes, and produce analysis and visualization output products. NEMO (Teuben 1994), a popular stellar dynamics toolbox, is used for some functions. NbodyLab integrators can optionally utilize two types of low-cost desktop supercomputer accelerators, the newly available GRAPE-6a (125 Gflops peak) and the MD-GRAPE2 (64-128 Gflops peak). The initial version of NBodyLab was presented at ADASS 2002. This paper summarizes software enhancements developed subsequently, focusing on GRAPE-6a related enhancements, and gives examples of computational experiments and astrophysical research, including star cluster and solar system studies, that can be conducted with the new testbed functionality.
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