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Paper: The Dark Energy Survey Data Management System: The Coaddition Pipeline and PSF Homogenization
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 18
Authors: Darnell, T.; Bertin, E.; Mohr, J.J.; Adams, D.; Daues, G.E.; Gower, M.; Ngeow, C.; Desai, S.; Beldica, C.; Freemon, M.; Lin, H.; Neilsen, E.H.; Tucker, D.; da Costa, L.A.N.; Martelli, L.; Ogando, R.L.C.; Jarvis, M.; Sheldon, E.
Abstract: We introduce an experimental method of reducing PSF variation effects within coadded images by bringing all images to a common PSF both within an image and from image to image within a coadd tile. This is accomplished by applying position-dependent smoothing kernels determined using power spectrum weighting functions that adjust the relative contributions of large scale and small-scale power within an image in such a way as to bring the PSFs into agreement. This approach has been applied successfully in image differencing algorithms, and we plan to apply it within our coaddition framework. We also present a summary of our coaddition pipeline.
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