Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Volume: 411 Year: 2009 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Bohlender, David A.; Durand, Daniel; Dowler, Patrick
This volume contains papers that were presented to the 18th annual conference on Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS XVIII), which was held on 2--5 November in Québec City, QC, Canada. The meeting was hosted by the National Research Council of Canada, Université de Montréal and Université Laval.

The first event of the conference was a lively tutorial exploring the technologies behind Google Sky and Microsoft's World Wide Telescope. This tutorial set the stage for an exciting week of talks, discussions and demonstrations on the development and use of cutting edge technologies in astronomy, which are summarized in this volume.

The main themes for the ADASS XVIII conference---Astronomical Algorithms, Future Large Projects, Software Engineering in Astronomy, and Web Technologies---were thoroughly covered by the 46 oral and 115 poster presentations; most are included in this proceedings volume. In addition, 10 floor demos and 6 focus demos in the main hall gave many the opportunity to see the latest tools and technologies in action.

This volume will be of great interest to astronomers and software developers who would benefit from an overview of the multiple data-related challenges faced by actual astronomical projects including the Dark Energy missions, the GAIA satellite project, the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (which will generate terabytes of data daily), and the Virtual Observatory (VO), with its many standards and services. The contributions also make detailed recommendations for the solving of these problems. Many of these same problems and solutions will be of interest to those working in other areas of scientific research that deal with complex instrumentation or very large quantities of data.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 411 Cover Bohlender, David A.; Durand, Daniel; Dowler, Patrick
Front Matter   
Volume 411 Front Matter 1 Bohlender, David A.; Durand, Daniel; Dowler, Patrick
Conference Photograph   
Volume 411 Conference Photograph 2 Bohlender, David A.; Durand, Daniel; Dowler, Patrick
Part 1. Oral Session 1   
Talking Amongst Ourselves — Communication in the Astronomical Software Community 3 Shortridge, K.
Forensic Data Quality Assurance 9 Shaw, R.A.; Seaman, R.L.; Lowry, S.; Lanning, H.H.
The Dark Energy Survey Data-Management System: The Processing Framework 14 Gower, M.; Mohr, J.J.; Adams, D.; Dora Chai, Y.; Daues, G.E.; Darnell, T.; Ngeow, C.; Desai, S.; Beldica, C.; Freemon, M.; Lin, H.; Neilsen, E.H.; Tucker, D.; Bertin, E.; Nicolaci L.A.; da Costa, Martelli, L.; Ogando, R.L.C.; Jarvis, M.; Sheldon, E.
The Dark Energy Survey Data Management System: The Coaddition Pipeline and PSF Homogenization 18 Darnell, T.; Bertin, E.; Mohr, J.J.; Adams, D.; Daues, G.E.; Gower, M.; Ngeow, C.; Desai, S.; Beldica, C.; Freemon, M.; Lin, H.; Neilsen, E.H.; Tucker, D.; da Costa, L.A.N.; Martelli, L.; Ogando, R.L.C.; Jarvis, M.; Sheldon, E.
Part 2. Oral Session 2   
A Comparison of Lossless Image Compression Methods and the Effects of Noise 25 Pence, W.D.; Seaman, R.; White, R.L.
Design of the Spitzer Space Telescope Heritage Archive 29 Levine, D.; Wu, X.; Good, J.; Alexov, A.; Berriman, G.B.; Capak, P.; Groom, S.; Handley, T.; Kirkpatrick, J.D.; Lacy, M.; Legassie, M.; Laine, S.; Ly, L.; Roby, T.; Laher, R.R.
A Case Study in Modernizing Software: The IRAS Scan Processing and Integration Tool (“Scanpi”) 33 Alexov, A.; Good, J.; Khan, I.R.
Part 3. Oral Session 3   
JASMINE – Japan Astrometry Satellite Mission for Infrared Exploration: Data Analysis and Accuracy Assessment with a Kalman Filter 39 Yamada, Y.; Shimokawa, T.; Shinomoto, S.; Yano, T.; Gouda, N.
Event Discovery in Astronomical Time Series 49 Preston, D.; Protopapas, P.; Brodley, C.
Part 4. Oral Session 4   
To Boldly Go Where No Man has Gone Before: Seeking Gaia’s Astrometric Solution with AGIS 55 Lammers, U.; Lindegren, L.; O’Mullane, W.; Hobbs, D.
Part 5. Oral Session 5   
AWAIC: A WISE Astronomical Image Co-adder 67 Masci, F.; Fowler, J.
PathGrid: The Transfer of Astronomical Image Algorithms to the Analysis of Medical Microscopy Data 77 Walton, N. A.; Brenton, J. D.; Caldas, C.; Irwin, M. J.; Akram, A.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Lewis, J. R.; Maccullum, P.; Morris, L. J.; Rixon, G. T.
High-Dimensional Data Reduction, Image Inpainting and their Astronomical Applications 81 Pesenson, M.; Pesenson, I.; Carey, S.; McCollum, B.; Roby, W.
Part 6. Oral Session 6   
ESA’s Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 Program 89 Clavel, J.
Part 7. Oral Session 7a   
Optimal DN Encoding for CCD Detectors 101 Seaman, R.L.; White, R.L.; Pence, W.D.
LSST Science Data Quality Analysis Subsystem Design 106 Laher, R.R.; Levine, D.; Mannings, V.; McGehee, P.; Rho, J.; Shaw,R.; Kantor, J.
Pan-STARRS/LSST MOPS Alert System 110 Pierfederici, F.
Skyalert: Real-time Astronomy for You and Your Robots 115 Williams, R.D.; Djorgovski, S.G.; Drake, A.J.; Graham,M.J.
Part 8. Oral Session 7b   
MegaPipe: the MegaCam Image Stacking Pipeline 123 Gwyn, S.D.J.
Graphics Processing Units for Data Processing in the Murchison Wide-field Array 127 Ord, S.; Greenhill, L.; Wayth, R.; Mitchell, D.; Dale, K.; Pfister, H.
A Cost-Benefit Study of Doing Astrophysics On The Cloud: Production of Image Mosaics 131 Berriman, G.B.; Good, J.C.; Deelman, E.; Singh, G.; Livny, M.
The Italian Theoretical VO Archive for Simulated Data 135 Gheller, C.; Becciani, U.; Costa, A.; Manzato, P.; Molinaro, M.; Pasian, F.
Part 9. Oral Session 8a   
Database Techniques within LOFAR’s Transients Key Project 143 Scheers, B.
The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: A New Scheduling Paradigm 147 O’Neil, K.; Balser, D.; Bignell, C.; Clark, M.; Condon, J.; McCarty, M.; Marganian, P.; Shelton, A.; Braatz, J.; Harnett, J.; Maddalena, R.; Mello, M.; Sessoms, E.
Part 10. Oral Session 8b   
The HST Cache 155 Stoehr, F.; Durand, D.; Haase, J.; Micol, A.
Advanced Data Reduction Techniques for MUSE 159 Weilbacher, P.M.; Gerssen, J.; Roth, M.M.; Böhm,P.; Pécontal-Rousset, A.
Part 11. Oral Session 9   
Astronomy 2020: A Pragmatic Approach 165 Graham, M.J.
The SKUA Project and the Semantic Web 175 Gray, N.; Linde, T.; Andrews, K.
Vocabularies in the VO 179 Gray, A.J.G.; Gray, N.; Ounis, I.
Part 12. Oral Session 10   
The Canadian Advanced Network For Astronomical Research 185 Gaudet, S.; Dowler, P.; Goliath, S.; Hill, N.; Kavelaars, JJ; Peddle, M.; Pritchet, C.; Schade, D.
GLAST LAT Science Data Processing — Four Months Experience After Launch 189 Dubois, R.
GLAST (FERMI) Data-Processing Pipeline 193 Flath, D.L.; Johnson, T.S.; Turri, M.; Heidenreich, K.A.
A High-performance Spatial Query Engine for Large Event Data Sets Implemented for the Fermi LAT Data 197 Stephens, T.E.
Part 13. Posters Session A   
The Herschel-SPIRE Imaging FTS Pipeline: Testing the Deglitching Modules 203 Benielli, D.; Fulton, T.R.; Baluteau, J.; Davis-Imhof, P.; Surace, C.; Litven, J.; Kennedy, P.; Naylor, D.A.; Clements, D.; Gastaud, R.; Panuzzo, P.; Polehampton, E.; Leeks, S.J.; Lim, T.L.; Guest, S.; Swinyard, B.M.; Lu, N.; Schwartz, A.; Griffin, M.; Xu, K.
Efficient Computation of Local Densities Using Galaxies from the Millennium Simulation 208 Blight, J.W.; Patton, D.R.; McConnell, S.M.
Robustness Features of the SOLIS Automated Pipeline 212 Callahan, L.; Wampler, S.
Upper and Lower Boundary Fitting through a Generalized Least Squares Method 216 Cardiel, N.
A Study of the Sagittarius Tidal Stream Using Maximum Likelihood 221 Cole, N.; Newberg, H.J.; Magdon-Ismail, M.; Desell, T.; Varela, C.; Szymanski, B.
Automated Data Deleases for the WFCAM Science Archive 226 Collins, R.S.; Cross, N.J.; Sutorius, E.T.W.; Read, M.A.; Hambly, N.C.
A New Model for Archiving Synoptic Data in the VISTA Data Flow System 230 Cross, N.; Collins, R.; Hambly, N.; Read, M.; Sutorius, E.
Simulation and Fitting of Multi-Dimensional X-ray Data 234 Dewey, D.; Noble, M.S.
Correcting Background Streaks in HST Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 Data 239 Grumm, D.; McMaster, M.; Maybhate, A.; Sirianni, M.
The HST Cache - A Technical Overview 243 Haase, J.; Durand, D.; Stoehr, F.; Micol, A.
De-trending Time Series for Astronomical Variability Surveys 247 Kim, D.; Protopapas, P.; Alcock, C.; Byun, Y.; Bianco, F.B.
Non-linear Least-squares Fitting in IDL with MPFIT 251 Markwardt, C.B.
Detection of Faint Compact Radio Sources in Wide Field Interferometric Images using the Slope Stability of a Contrast Radial Function 255 Peracaula, M.; Freixenet, J.; Lladó, J.; Martí, J.; Paredes, J.M.
Statistical Identification of 2XMMi Sources 259 Pineau, F.-X.; Derriere, S.; Michel, M.; Motch, C.
Anomaly Detection in Catalogs of Periodic Variable Stars 264 Rebbapragada, U.; Protopapas, P.; Brodley, C.E.; Alcock, C.
The Photometric Classification Client for Pan-STARRS-1 268 Snigula, J.; Bender, R.; Saglia, R.P.; Drory, N.
Part 14. Posters Session B   
New Astrometric Reduction of the USNO Photographic Plates of Planetary Satellites 275 De Cuyper, J.-P.; Winter, L.; de Decker, G.; Zacharias, N.; Pascu, D.; Arlot, J.-E.; Robert, V.; Lainey, V.
The Evolution of ISDC Towards Future Projects 279 Rohlfs, R.; Courvoisier, T.; Walter, R.; Eyer, L.; Beck, M.; Tuerler, M.; Produit, N.; Paltani, S.; Beckmann, V.; Audard, M.; Lecoeur, I.
Part 15. Posters Session C   
eROSITA Near Real Time Analysis 285 Kreykenbohm, I.; Schmid, C.; Wilms, J.; Brunner, H.; Lamer, G.
An Engineering Editor Tool Based on the SOA Application Framework of the LINC-NIRVANA LBT Interferometer 289 Berwein, J.; Briegel, F.; Kittmann, F.; Pavlov, A.; Gaessler, W.
A DirtI Application for LBT Commissioning Campaigns 293 Borelli, J.L.
The ALMA Observing Tool: A Brief Introduction and Status Report 297 Bridger, A.
Parallelizing the XSTAR Photoionization Code 301 Noble, M.S.; Ji, L.; Young, A.; Lee, J.C.
An Overview of the ALMA Pipeline System 306 Davis, L.E.
Operator Interface for the ALMA Observing System 310 Grosbøl, P.; Schilling, M.
Planning and Executing Airborne Astronomy Missions for SOFIA 314 Gross, M.A.K.; Shuping, R.Y.
Star-Galaxy Classification Using Data Mining Techniques with Considerations for Unbalanced Datasets 318 O'Keefe, P.; Gowanlock, M.; McConnell, S.; Patton, D.
XMM-Newton Science Analysis Software: How to Bring New Technologies to Long-life Satellite Missions 322 Ibarra, A.; Calle, I.; Gabriel, C.; Salgado, J.; Osuna, P.
IDL-based AO Control Software for Laboratory Tests 326 Kittmann, F.; Egner, S.; Briegel, F.; Berwein, J.; Gaessler, W.
GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: Algorithms, Metrics, and Simulations 330 Balser, D.S.; Bignell, C.; Braatz, J.; Clark, M.; Condon, J.; Harnett, J.; O’Neil, K.; Maddalena, R.; Marganian, P.; McCarty, M.; Sessoms, E.; Shelton, A.
The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: The Observers’ Perspective 334 Braatz, J.; Balser, D.; Bignell, C.; Clark, M.; Harnett, J.; McCarty, M.; Marganian, P.; O’Neil, K.; Shelton, A.
The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: “When do I observe?” Guiding Users’ Expectations 338 Clark, M.; Balser, D.; Sessoms, E.; Bignell, D.; Condon, J.; McCarty, M.; Marganian, P.; O’Neil, K.; Shelton, A.; Maddalena, R.
The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: Powered by the Web 342 Marganian, P.; Clark, M.; McCarty, M.; Sessoms, E.; Shelton, A.
The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: Development and Testing 346 McCarty, M.; Clark, M.; Marganian, P.; O’Neil, K.; Shelton, A.; Sessoms, E.
The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: Scheduling Applications of the Knapsack Problem and Sudoku 351 Sessoms, E.; Clark, M.; Marganian, P.; McCarty, M.; Shelton, A.
Part 16. Posters Session D   
A Web-Based Framework For a Time-Domain Warehouse 357 M. J.; Brewer, Bloom, J.S.; Kennedy, R.; Starr, D.L.
AGILE-GRID Automated Web-based Analysis System for Fast Detection of Gamma-ray Transients 362 Bulgarelli, A.; Trifoglio, M.; Gianotti, F.; Di Cocco, G.; Tavani, M.
Building a Database from the SDSS Imaging Data 366 Dobos, L.; Csabai, I.; Budavári, T.; Szalay, A.S.
An Astronomical Data Resource Registry for the Virtual Observatory 369 Dower, T.; Greene, G.; Plante, R.; Graham, M.J.
DAL WEB: VO-Compatible Middleware Available for Any Data Type from SIMPOP-ENVOL 373 Granet, Y.; Meunier, J.C.; Fenouillet, T.; Surace, C.
Footprints for the Hubble Legacy Archive 377 Greene, G.; Lubow, S.; Budavá ri, T.; Szalay, A.
All-sky Multi-colour, Multi-epoch SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey Images Now Available in the VO Through SIAP 381 Hambly, N.C.; Read, M.A.; Holliman, M.S.; Cross, N.J.G.; Collins, R.S.; Mann, R.G.
Exploring the Astronomy Literature Landscape 384 Henneken, E.A.; Accomazzi, A.; Kurtz, M.J.; Grant, C.S.; Thompson, D.; Bohlen, E.; Murray, S.S.; Rosvall, M.; Bergstrom, C.
Software for the Spectral Analysis of Hot Stars 388 Rauch, T.; Nickelt, I.; Stampa, U.; Demleitner, M.; Koesterke, L.
A Security-façade Library for Virtual-observatory Software 392 Rixon, G.
The Japanese Virtual Observatory in Action 396 Shirasaki, Y.; Tanaka, M.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.; Kawanomoto, S.; Honda, S.; Yasuda, N.; Masunaga, Y.; Ishihara, Y.; Machida, Y.; Nakamoto, H.; Sakamoto, M.
Part 17. Posters Session E   
On the Path to Binocular Pointing with LBT 403 De La Peña, M.D.
GIPSY 3D: Analysis, Visualization and VO Tools for Datacubes 406 Ruíz, J.E.; Santander-Vela, J.D.; Espigares, V.; Verdes-Montenegro, L.; van der Hulst, J.M.
The ALMA Request Handler 410 Hill, N.; Jenkins, D.; Damian, A.; Gaudet, S.; Wicenec, A.; Williams, S.
Integration and Testing in the ALMA Control Subsystem 414 Hiriart, R.; Kern, J.
Developments in the Starlink Software Collection 418 Jenness, T.; Berry, D.S.; Cavanagh, B.; Currie, M.J.; Draper, P.W.; Economou, F.
Wavelength Calibration of VLT Instruments: Different Strategies for Different Needs 422 Jung, Y.; Ballester, P.; Lundin, L.K.
Quasars and AGN Candidates Detected by Cross-identification Between 2MASS and ROSAT PSC 426 Kouzuma, S.; Yamaoka, H.
The ST-ECF ACS Grism Hubble Legacy Archive Project 430 Kümmel, M.; Kuntschner, H.; Walsh, J.R.; Lombardi, M.; Stoehr, F.; Haase, J.; Hook, R.N.; Rosati, P.; Micol, A.; Fosbury, R.; Freudling, W.
SuperAGILE Data Processing Services 434 Lazzarotto, F.; Costa, E.; Del Monte, E.; Donnarumma, I.; Evangelista, Y.; Feroci, M.; Lapshov, I.; Pacciani, L.; Soffitta, P.; Trifoglio, M.; Bulgarelli, A.; Gianotti, F.
Astronomical Space-based Mission Archives: The Herschel Science Archive Case 438 Leon, I.; Arviset, C.; Baines, D.; Barbarisi, I.; Castellanos, J.; Cheek, N.; Costa, H.; Fajersztejn, N.; Fernandez, M.; Laruelo, A.; Micol, A.; Ortiz, I.; Osuna, P.; Parrilla, E.; Salgado, J.; Stebe, A.
The Binary Star Database — BDB 442 Malkov, O.; Oblak, E.; Debray, B.
Micro-simulations Inside the VO: the BaSTI Case 446 Manzato, P.; Molinaro, M.; Gasparo, F.; Pasian, F.; Pietrinferni, A.; Cassisi, S.; Rodrigo, C.; Solano, E.; Cerviño, M.
Extending the Scope of the Herschel Spectrum Tools with Interface-Oriented Design 450 Melchior, M.; Davis-Imhof, P.; Csillaghy, A.
EXODAT - The Exoplanets Database from the COROT Project: Evolution and Updates 454 Meunier, J.C.; Granet, Y.; Agneray, F.; Deleuil, M.; Surace, C.; Moutou, C.
Reference Object Identification: Pattern-matching or First-guess Model? A Procedure to Determine the Spectral Format of X-Shooter Takes Advantage of Both Techniques 458 Modigliani, A.; Bristow, P.D.; Izzo, C.
Hardware Device Simulation Framework in the ALMA Control Subsystem 462 Mora, M.; Reyes, C.; Ibsen, J.; Kern, J.; Juerges, T.; Farris, A.; Araya, R.; Troncoso, N.; González, V.
The XCat-DB: A Multi-wavelength View on the 2XMMi Catalogue 466 Motch, C.; Michel, L.; Pineau, F.-X.
Gaia Data Processing Architecture 2009 470 O’Mullane, W.; Hernández, J.; Hoar, J.; Lammers, U.
The Hobby-Eberly Telescope Night Operations Software System 474 Rostopchin, S.; Shetrone, M.; Cornell, M.E.; Umbarger, J.; Mason, C.
The HERSCHEL/PACS Spectrometer Pipeline 478 Schreiber, J.; Wieprecht, E.; de Jong, J.; Wetzstein, M.; Jacobson, J.; Huygen, R.; Appleton, P.; Bouwman, J.; Contursi, A.; Fadda, D.; Jean, C.; Klaas, U.; Royer, P.; Vandenbussche, B.
Ice Middleware in the New Solar Telescope’s Telescope Control System 482 Shumko, S.
Overview of the SOFIA Telescope Assembly Software Simulator 485 Brüggenwirth, S.; Gross, M.A.K.; Nelbach, F.J.; Shuping, R.Y.
A Reference Implementation of a Generic Automatic Pointing System 489 Staig, T.; Tobar, R.; Araya, M.A.; Guajardo, C.; von Brand, H.H.
The Berkeley Transient Classification Pipeline: Deriving Real-time Knowledge from Time-domain Surveys 493 Starr, D.L.; Bloom, J.S.; Brewer, J.M.; Butler, N.R.; Poznanski,D.; Rischard, M.; Klein, C.
FITS Tile Compression in the NOAO DMS 497 Stobie, E.; Seaman, R.; Barg, I.
A VO-compatible Information System for 3D Fabry-Perot Data 502 Surace, C.; Jegouzot, I.; Granet, C.; Amram, P.; Balkowski, C.; Carignan, C.; Epinat, B.; Fenouilet, T.; Marcelin, M.
The NOAO NEWFIRM Pipeline 506 Swaters, R.A.; Valdes, F.; Dickinson, E.
STILTS Plotting Tools 510 Taylor, M.B.
An Applications Framework for Astronomical Data Processing and Analysis 514 Tody, D.; Grosbøl, P.; Cotton, W.; Currie, M.J.; Fitzpatrick, M.; Paioro, L.; Surace, C.
The LINC-NIRVANA Observation Preparation Software: Design and Perspective 518 Trowitzsch, J.; Pavlov, A.I.; Gässler, W.
Planning and Scheduling Systems Within the WSO-UV Observatory 523 Vallejo, J.C.; Lozano, J.M.; Vazquez, R.; Yáñez, J.; Gómez, A.I.; Zaiko, Y.; Sachkov, M.
A Scalable Data Handling System for ATST 527 Wampler, S.; Goodrich, B.
The Herschel/Pacs Photometer Pipeline 531 Wieprecht, E.; Schreiber, J.; de Jong, J.; Jacobson, J.; Liu, C.; Morien, B.; Wetzstein, M.; Ali, B.; Frayer, D.; Lutz, D.; Okumura, K.; Popesso, P.; Sauvage, M.
Hyper Suprime-Cam: Data Analysis and Management System 536 Yasuda, N.Furusawa, H.; Tanaka, M.; Itoh, R.; Katayama, N.; Yasu, Y.; Suzuki, S.Y.; Komiyama, Y.; Miyazaki, S.; Utsumi, Y.; Uchida, T.; Aihara, H.
The ESO Data Transfer System 540 Zampieri, S.; Forchì, V.; Gebbinck, M. klein; Moins, C.; Padovan, M.
Part 18. Birds of a Feather Sessions   
Architectures for Time-domain Astronomy 547 Seaman, R.; Allan, A.; Pierfederici, F.; Williams, R.
Engaging the Observer 549 Clark, M.
Renaissance of the Web 551 McCarty, M.
Part 19. Demonstration Sessions   
VisIVO: New Integrated Services 555 Becciani, U.; Costa, A.; Caniglia, G.; Gheller, C.; Krokos, M.; Grillo, A.; Munzone, R.; Vitello, F.
Aladin Sky Atlas Release 6 559 Fernique, P.; Boch, T.; Bonnarel, F.
A Guided Tour of Saada 563 Michel, L.; Motch, C.; Nguyen Ngoc, H.; Pineau, F.X.
MEqTrees Telescope and Radio-sky Simulations and CPU Benchmarking 567 Shanmugha Sundaram, G.A.
Part 20. Floor Demonstration Sessions   
GAIA – Version 4 575 Draper, P.W.; Berry, D.S.; Jenness, T.; Economou, F.
Back Matter   
Volume 411 Back Matter 579 Bohlender, David A.; Durand, Daniel; Dowler, Patrick