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Paper: Astronomical Space-based Mission Archives: The Herschel Science Archive Case
Volume: 411, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII
Page: 438
Authors: Leon, I.; Arviset, C.; Baines, D.; Barbarisi, I.; Castellanos, J.; Cheek, N.; Costa, H.; Fajersztejn, N.; Fernandez, M.; Laruelo, A.; Micol, A.; Ortiz, I.; Osuna, P.; Parrilla, E.; Salgado, J.; Stebe, A.
Abstract: The Herschel Science Archive (HSA) is the first ESA Astronomical mission science archive to be available before launch of the spacecraft. Extending the most commonly found features of other ESAC Science Archives, HSA also provides full interoperability with the Herschel Data Processing pipeline using Virtual Observatory (VO) standard protocols. The HSA becomes not only a scientific archive for the community but also an archive used for the mission operations.
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