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Paper: Ultra-Hot Plasma in Active Regions Observed by the Extreme-Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode
Volume: 415, The Second Hinode Science Meeting: Beyond Discovery-Toward Understanding
Page: 275
Authors: Ko, Y.-K.; Doschek, G.A.; Warren, H.P.; Young, P.R.
Abstract: We present a specific algorithm to extract the Ca XVII λ192.858 line from the blending with two Fe XI and six O V lines in the Hinode/EIS data. This is a review of the work to be published by Ko et al. (2009). We demonstrate that the Ca XVII line can be satisfactorily extracted from the blend if the Ca XVII emission contributes to at least 10% of the blend. This Ca XVII line, with formation temperature at 6 million degrees, is thus a viable line in the EIS data to probe the thermal structure in non-flaring active regions at its high temperature end and provides valuable constraints for coronal heating models.
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