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Paper: Multi-Instrument Campaigns to Observe the Off-Limb Corona
Volume: 415, The Second Hinode Science Meeting: Beyond Discovery-Toward Understanding
Page: 315
Authors: Del Zanna, G.; Andretta, V.; Poletto, G.; Teriaca, L.; Ko, Y.-K.; Mason, H. E.; Vourdilas, A.; Bemporad, A.; Magri, M.
Abstract: We briefly describe two multi-instrument campaigns we coordinated to observe the off-limb corona in 2007, with some preliminary results. The first one (Hinode HOP 7) was a SOHO/Hinode/TRACE/STEREO/Ulysses week-long campaign during the SOHO-Ulysses quadrature in 2007 May. We could not achieve all of our goals, however we were very fortunate in that the “Del Zanna” active region appeared on the Sun at the right longitude, and that a filament eruption and a CME were observed. Of particular significance is the finding of large (100 km s-1) non-thermal broadenings in all coronal lines observed by Hinode/EIS in the region where the filament was erupting. The second campaign (Hinode HOP 44) involved SOHO (CDS, SUMER, UVCS), Hinode, and TRACE to measure the physical parameters of plume/interplume regions in the polar coronal holes from the low corona to 1.7 solar radii, on 30/10–4/11. We obtained a good set of observations, however various instrumental constraints and the lack of fully developed plumes limited our goals.
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