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Paper: A Wavefront Correction System for the SPICA Coronagraph Instrument
Volume: 430, Pathways Towards Habitable Planets
Page: 477
Authors: Kotani, T.; Enya, K.; Nakagawa, T.; Abe, L.; Miyata, T.; Sako, S.; Nakamura, T.; Haze, K.; Higuchi, S.; Tange, Y.
Abstract: We describe the present status of the development of a wavefront correction system for the SPICA (Space Infrared telescope for Cosmology and Astrophysics) project. SPICA is a next-generation space infrared observatory with a 3-meter class telescope, One of the goals of SPICA is the detection and characterization of Jupiter-like extra-solar planets around nearby stars at mid-infrared wavelengths. We have started to develop a wavefront correction system for SPICA which is a critical component in order to achieve a very high dynamic range (over 106) to detect young Jupiter-like planets. It includes a 1020-element MEMS deformable mirror and a tip-tilt compensation system. We present a laboratory demonstration of a contrast enhancement experiment by using a deformable mirror and a checker-board type coronagraph mask. This system will largely relax the surface quality requirements for the telescope primary mirror.
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