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Paper: A Coronagraph with an Unbalanced Nulling Interferometer and Adaptive Optics
Volume: 430, Pathways Towards Habitable Planets
Page: 513
Authors: Nishikawa, J.; Yokochi, K.; Murakami, N.; Abe, L.; Kotani, T.; Tamura, M.; Kurokawa, T.; Tavrov, A. V.; Takeda, M.
Abstract: A coronagraph system with an unbalanced nulling interferometer (UNI) is described. It consists of an adaptive optics (AO), the UNI, a second AO, and a coronagraph. Wavefront corrections and star light rejections are made twice. The UNI provides a magnification of wavefront aberrations and makes it possible to compensate for the wavefront aberrations beyond the AO system capabilities. Experimental results proved the principle of the UNI by wavefront measurements in the pupil plane.
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