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Paper: A Heliophysics Education and Public Outreach Effort: Training and Supporting the Trainers
Volume: 431, Science Education and Outreach: Forging a Path to the Future
Page: 420
Authors: Peticolas, L.; Méndez, B. J. H.; Yan, D.; Bartolone, L.; Robinson, D.; Maggi, B.; Adams, P.; Walker, A.; Reiff, P.; Beisser, K.; Turney, D.
Abstract: Professional development of educators is recognized by the science education profession as an essential component to foster high quality science teaching for students at all levels. In an effort to 1) provide greater coherence to NASA’s Heliophysics Educator Professional Development (PD) activities and 2) create a national network of Heliophysics Educators prepared to train educators across the U.S., we have brought together several existing PD activities within the Heliophysics EPO community to support a common effort—The Heliophysics Educator Ambassadors (HEA) Program. The HEA Program is led by the THEMIS/ARTEMIS mission in a collaborative effort with IBEX, AIM, RHESSI, TIMED, MMS, and Cluster. Materials from STEREO were also part of our program. Our PD approach focuses on an initial in-depth, week-long learning experience with ongoing support for the teachers to train other teachers in their regions in the following year. The week-long PD workshop was organized by “big ideas” and built into a coherent “story” based on participants’ prior knowledge, integrating Heliophysics content with advice on inquiry-based pedagogical strategies and demonstrations of the learning cycle.
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