Title: Science Education and Outreach: Forging a Path to the Future
Volume: 431 Year: 2010 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Barnes, Jonathan; Smith, Denise A.; Gibbs, Michael G.; Manning, James G.
On the heels of the International Year of Astronomy 2009, celebrating the famed peek into the cosmos through Galileo's first telescope, the question arises: What is next for science education and outreach?

Providing a forum for reflection, for sharing lessons learned, and for shaping resolve, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) hosted a conference for astronomy and space science professionals in Millbrae, California from September 12 to 16, 2009. During the conference, participants discussed current education and outreach research and practice and shared perspectives about the future of this field. This conference, the proceedings of which are contained in this volume, was divided into a series of conference strands that each represent an important aspect of this time of contemplation and decision about the future of education and public outreach (EPO) in astronomy:

  • Building on the Momentum of the International Year of Astronomy
  • Connecting the Sciences in the Year of Science
  • Refining Our Practice
  • Bridging to the Future

This volume is a resource for anyone looking to learn from or to reminisce about the year the world celebrated four hundred years of astronomy, and serves as a blueprint for future education and public outreach programs.

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), founded in 1889, increases the understanding and appreciation of astronomy by engaging scientists, educators, enthusiasts, and the public to advance science and science literacy. Visit for additional information regarding the ASP and how you can join the Society and support the cause of improving science literacy.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front matter   
Volume Cover Barnes, Jonathan; Smith, Denise A.; Gibbs, Michael G.; Manning, James G.
Front matter 1 Barnes, Jonathan; Smith, Denise A.; Gibbs, Michael G.; Manning, James G.
Conference Photos 2 Barnes, Jonathan; Smith, Denise A.; Gibbs, Michael G.; Manning, James G.
Part I. Science Education and Outreach: Forging a Path to the Future   
Keynote Address: Science Since the Medicean Stars and the Beagle 3 Partridge, B.; Hillenbrand, L. A.; Grinspoon, D.
Laboratory Astrophysics: An Oxymoron No More 3 Partridge; B.
400 Years of Astronomical Discovery: The Accelerating Understanding of our Place in the Universe 3 Hillenbrand, L. A.
Part II. Plenary Panels   
Collaboration Across the Sciences: How Can We Improve Our Practice and Prepare the Future? 21 Grinspoon, D.; CoBabe, E.; Harman, P.; Prather, E. E.
International Year of Astronomy: Can We Keep the Party Going? 23 Knappenberger, P.; Daou, D.; Pompea, S. M.; Scherrer, D.
Refining Our Practice: Can We Really Make an Impact? 26 Foster, T.; Dussault, M.; Schatz, D.
The Future is Here: Can EPO Navigate the Digital Age? 29 Shipp, S. S.; Dribin, N.; Gay, P. L.; Stockman, S.
Interactive Panel and Audience Discussion: The Future is Here: Can EPO Navigate the Digital Age? 29 Shipp, S. S.; Dribin, N.; Gay, P. L.; Stockman, S.
Part III. Oral Papers

Conference Strand: Building on the Momentum of the International Year of Astronomy
IYA2009 NASA Programs: Midyear Status 41 Hasan, H.; Smith, D. A.
Music and Astronomy Under the Stars 2009 47 Lubowich, D.
International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009) in Puerto Rico: Progress Report 54 Pantoja, C. A.; Atschuler, D. R.; Lebrón, M. E.; Alonso, J. L.
Using Free, Open Source Stellarium Software for IYA 2009 59 Berglund, K.; Spearman, R.
Transits, Binaries, and Hands-On Universe 61 Gould, A.
The Mauna Kea Observatories Outreach Committee Brings Astronomy To The Hawaiian Public 70 Heyer, I.; Harvey, J.; Usuda, K. S.; Fujihara, G.; Hamilton, J.
From Earth to the Universe: A Worldwide Exhibition of Astronomical Images 82 Watzke, M.; Arcand, K. K.
International Year of Astronomy 2009 Cornerstone Projects: What’s Available for You 86 Pompea, S. M.; Schweitzer, A.; Deustua, S.; Isbell, D.; Fienberg, R. T.; Arion, D. N.; Walker, C. E.; Gay, P. L.; Smith, D. A.; Pantoja, C. A.; Watzke, M.; Arcand, K. K.
Building on the International Year of Astronomy: The Galileoscope Program 95 Sparks, R. T.; Pompea, S. M.; Walker, C. E.; Fienberg, R. T.; Arion, D. N.
Building on the International Year of Astronomy: The Dark Skies Awareness Program 103 Walker, C. E.; Sparks, R. T.; Pompea, S. M.
Conference Strand: Connecting the Sciences in the Year of Science   
Windows on the Weather 110 Alena, T. R.
Sun-Earth Days 115 Thieman, J.; Ng, C.; Lewis, E.; Cline, T.
Cosmophobia, Nibiru, and Doomsday 2012 121 Morrison, D.
Building Bridges Between EPO Professionals Across Scientific Disciplines: Partnerships with NSF Centers (First Steps) 132 Steinberg, D.; Black, K.; Schultz, S.
Conference Strand: Refining Our Practice   
Aesthetics & Astronomy 139 Arcand, K. K.; Smith, L. F.; Smith, J.; Watzke, M.; Hove, K. H. t.; Smith, R.
Astronomy in the Classroom for Mature Lifelong Learners 143 Cobb, B. E.
Capitol College Center for Space Science EPO: Providing STEM Education 147 Gibbs, M. G.; Walters, A.
Comparing the Efficacy of Reform-Based and Traditional/Verification Curricula to Support Student Learning about Space Science 151 Granger, E. M.; Bevis, T. H.; Saka, Y.; Southerland, S. A.
Lessons Learned from the “Age of the Milky Way” Teacher Professional Development Workshop Evaluation 160 Hemenway, M. K.; DeGennaro, S.; Fricke, K.; Jeffery, E.; Marinova, I.; Williams, K.; Armosky, B.; Harkrider, J.; Kilic, M.; Liebert, J.; Shipman, H.; von Hippel, T.
Using Magic to Teach Science 166 Kohlmiller, P.
Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Science Outreach to Non-traditional Audiences 170 Norsted, B. A.
Herschel, Planck, and Chromoscope: Interactive Outreach Activities in the UK 174 North, C. E.; Lowe, S. R.; Simpson, R. J.
The Center for Astronomy Education (CAE) Ushers in a New Community-Based Model for Astronomy Education Research with the NSF Funded CCLI Phase III Collaboration of Astronomy Teaching Scholars (CATS) Program 180 Brissenden, G.; Prather, E. E.
A National Study Assessing the Teaching and Learning of Introductory Astronomy Part I: The Effect of Interactive Instruction 182 Rudolph, A. L.; Prather, E. E.; Brissenden, G.; Schlingman, W. M.
Beyond Outreach: Expanding the UCI Astronomy Outreach Program to New Heights 187 Smecker-Hane, T. A.; Mauzy-Melitz, D. K.; Hood, M. A.
NASA/Capitol College Space Operations Institute Project: A Problem Based Learning Approach 194 Walters, A.; Wagner, D. M.; Gibbs, M. G.; Marius, J. L.
NASA’s Kepler Mission: Lessons Learned from Teacher Professional Development Workshops 197 DeVore, E.; Harman, P.; Koch, D.; Gould, A.
United We Stand: Lessons Learned from a Consortium of Small Astronomy Departments 208 Partridge, B.
Crossroads and Connections: An Evolving Relationship between NASA and the Navajo Nation 217 Scalice, D.; Carron, A.
Successful EPO Strategies for Engaging Girls and Young Women in Astronomy 223 Sharma, M.; Smith, D. A.; Dussault, M.; Hasan, H.; Krishnamurthi, A.; Lowes, L.; Stimmer, M.
Teaching and Learning with a NASA-Sponsored GEMS Space Science Curriculum: Using Research and Evaluation Results to Inform and Guide EPO Professionals, an Interactive Panel Session 229 Schultz, G.; Granger, E.; Catz, K. N.; Wierman, T.
Building a Community of Faculty for Teacher Preparation in Earth and Space Science Education 233 Shupla, C. B.; Shipp, S. S.; Schultz, G.; Pomeroy, R.; Bailey, J. M.; Asti, P.; Chambers, L. H.; Slater, T. F.; Slater, S. J.; Stork, D.; Smith, D. A.; Waller, W. H.
Exhibit Development: The Importance of Process and Evaluation 237 Dusenbery, P.; McLain, B.
Learning to Become a More Effective Research or Inquiry-based Project Mentor 247 Hooper, E. J.; Pfund, C.; Mathieu, R.; Branchaw, J.
Science Journalism: Using Science Literacy to Teach Fundamental Science 257 Mattson, B. J.; Lochner, J. C.
Conference Strand: Bridging to the Future   
David Dunlap Observatory: Back to the Future 265 Chou, B. R.; Mortfield, P.
Building Educational Programs for the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder 270 Hollow, R.; Hobbs, G.
ASP: Gearing Up for the Next 120 276 Manning, J. G.
Afterschool Astronomy from the Basement to the Roof Top! 279 Porro, I.; Dussault, M.; Reinfeld, E.
Capturing the Imagination: The Promise of the Webb Space Telescope 285 Smith, D. A.; Livio, M.; Eisenhammer, B.; Kakadelis, S.; Villard, R.; Stiavelli, M.; Stockman, P.
Understanding and Supporting a Culture of Public Outreach in Amateur Organizations 289 Berendsen, M.; Ames, Z.; Figueiredo, C.; Storksdieck, M.; Stein, J.
Planck Visualization Project: Seeing and Hearing the Cosmic Microwave Background 295 van der Veen, J.
Remote Data Acquisition Access and Issues for Research and Educational Use by Students, Teachers, and Amateur Astronomers 307 Kang, R.; McLin, K.
WorldWide Telescope and Google Sky: New Technologies to Engage Students and the Public 314 Landsberg, R. H.; SubbaRao, M. U.; Dettloff, L.
The Spectrum of Citizen Science Projects in Astronomy and Space Science 324 Méndez, B. J. H.; Day, B.; Gay, P. L.; Jacoby, S. H.; Raddick, M. J.; Walker, C. E.; Pompea, S. M.
Fertile Ground for Astronomy in National Parks 334 Nordgren, T. E.; Richman, A. M.; Moore, C. A.
Part IV. Poster Sessions

Conference Strand: Building on the Momentum of the International Year of Astronomy
UC Berkeley’s Celebration of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 347 Cobb, B. E.; Croft, S.; Silverman, J. M.; Klein, C.; Modjaz, M.
Observing With NASA: Using Online Telescopes to Expand the Pipeline of Astronomy Learners 351 Dussault, M.; Reinfeld, E.; Sienkiewizcz, F.; Deutsch, F.; Fruchtman, S.; Gould, R.; Smith, D. A.; Eisenhammer, B.
Scientists Like Me: Faces of Discovery 355 Enevoldsen, A. A. G.; Culp, S.; Trinh, A.
StarryTelling: Discover the Galileo in You! 359 Wallace, E. F.
Using IYA to Bring the Universe Down to Earth in the Metro DC Area 363 Krishnamurthi, A.; Lochner, J. C.; Conaty, C.; Eyermann, S.; Ferrell, T.; Gliba, G.; Griswold, B.; Masetti, M.; Mitchell, S.; Reddy, F.; Toth, T.; VanDoren, A.
Astronomy and Writing: A First-Year Cosmology Course for Nonmajors 368 Martin, A. M.
Modeling Teacher Professional Development Through a Telescope Making Workshop 372 Meredith, J. T.; Schleigh, S. P.; Lee, T. D.
Astronomy Posters and Trading Cards at Mauna Kea and in Japan 379 Usuda, K. S.
Involvement in and Sustainability of the Dark Skies Awareness Programs for the International Year of Astronomy 383 Walker, C. E.; IYA2009 Dark Skies Working Group
Conference Strand: Connecting the Sciences in the Year of Science   
GSMT Education: Teaching about Adaptive Optics and Site Selection Using Extremely Large Telescopes 389 Sparks, R. T.; Pompea, S. M.
Conference Strand: Refining Our Practice   
Extraordinary Matter: Visualizing Space Plasmas and Particles 393 Barbier, S. B.; Bartolone, L.; Christian, E. R.; Eastman, T.; Lewis, E.; Thieman, J.
Looking for Life in Extreme Environments on Earth and Beyond: Professional Development Workshop for Educators 396 Droppo, R.; Pratt, L.; Suchecki, P. C.
The Silicon Valley Astronomy Lecture Series: An Example of Cooperation among Many Domains of Astronomy Outreach 404 Fraknoi, A.
Get Your Students to do the Outreach! 406 Hooper, E. J.
Integrating Research, Teaching and Learning: Preparing the Future National STEM Faculty 411 Hooper, E. J.; Pfund, C.; Mathieu, R.
Utilizing the “Mental Model Building” Instructional Methodology, Coupled with Actual Lunar Observations and Data Gathering, in Teaching the Cause and Process of the Lunar Phases 416 Mon, M. J.; Meyer, A. O.
A Heliophysics Education and Public Outreach Effort: Training and Supporting the Trainers 420 Peticolas, L.; Méndez, B. J. H.; Yan, D.; Bartolone, L.; Robinson, D.; Maggi, B.; Adams, P.; Walker, A.; Reiff, P.; Beisser, K.; Turney, D.
New York Operation: Military Kids Afterschool Universe Cosmic Camps 422 Schaff, N.
Applying Lessons Learned from the First Air Slam 426 Teays, T.; Ellsberry, A.; Bowden, M.
An Update on the Journal Astronomy Education Review and Why Your Work Isn’t Done Until You Have Published 428 Wolff, S.; Fraknoi, A.; Hockey, T.; Biemesderfer, C.; Johnson, J.
Conference Strand: Bridging to the Future   
Getting Lun(ar)y at McDonald Observatory 433 Cianciolo, F.; Mace, J. K.; Fuechsl, R.; Preston, S.; Geiger, S.
SNAP: An Astrophysical Camp That Flies High! 437 Forbes, D.; English, D.
Advancing the Future of STEM Workforce Development: The Capitol College Space Operations Institute 440 Gibbs, M. G.; Walters, A.; Wagner, D. M.; Dolan, K.; Marius, J. L.
Kids Capture Their Universe: An Afterschool Bridge from Science Content to Youth Development 443 Hartman, M.; Porro, I.; Reinfeld, E.; Dussault, M.
Making the Case for Quality Science Programming for Older Youth in Out-of-School Time 447 Porro, I.
Students Across Texas Celebrate Astronomy Day 451 Preston, S.; Wetzel, M.; Hemenway, M. K.
Conference Strand: Other   
The Next Generation of NASA Night Sky Network: A Searchable Nationwide Database of Astronomy Events 456 Ames, Z.; Berendsen, M.; White, V.
Seeing the Invisible: Educating the Public on Planetary Magnetic Fields and How they Affect Atmospheres 460 Fillingim, M. O.; Brain, D. A.; Peticolas, L. M.; Schultz, G.; Yan, D.; Guevara, S.; Randol, S.
Stars Over Mauna Kea: Creating an IYA Supplement in Your Local Newspaper 463 Harvey, J.
EPO in Oregon 2009 467 Kang, R.
Astronomy Outreach Activities for Special Needs Children and Their Families 470 Lubowich, D.
Top Stars: An Opportunity for Educators 478 Kinnison, S. M. P.
Song (Education) and Dance (Measurements) of Astronomy in the Classroom 486 Rodrigue, M.; Mayes, D.; O’Brien, L.; Heywood, D.; Bennum, D.
Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network: Keeping Education in the Dark 488 Ross, R.
The Sunrise, Sunset, and Noontime Phenomena in Different Locations along the Same Longitude 490 Massalha, D. T.
Part V. Resources   
The Moon: A Resource Guide 505 Fraknoi, A.
UFO’s: A Lot Less than Meets the Eye 514 Fraknoi, A.
Debunking Astronomical Fiction Science: A Resource Guide 517 Fraknoi, A.
Web Resources for Teaching Astronomy in Grades 3–12 522 Fraknoi, A.
Science Fiction Stories with Good Astronomy and Physics: A Topical Index 526 Fraknoi, A.
Back Matter   
Cosmos in the Classroom 2010 548 Barnes, Jonathan; Smith, Denise A.; Gibbs, Michael G.; Manning, James G.
About the Editors 549 Barnes, Jonathan; Smith, Denise A.; Gibbs, Michael G.; Manning, James G.
Author Index 551 Barnes, Jonathan; Smith, Denise A.; Gibbs, Michael G.; Manning, James G.
Back matter 555 Barnes, Jonathan; Smith, Denise A.; Gibbs, Michael G.; Manning, James G.