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Paper: Optical Monitoring of PKS 2155-304 During August-September 2004 with the KVA Telescope
Volume: 350, Blazar Variability Workshop II: Entering the GLAST Era
Page: 75
Authors: Ciprini, S.; Lindfors, E.; Nilsson, K.; Ostorero, L.
Abstract: The southern gamma-ray blazar PKS 2155-304 is one of the brightest and most intensively studied prototypes of BL Lac object. PKS 2155- 304 has recently aroused the interest of Cherenkov telescope projects like HESS and MAGIC, the former having already observed the source in 2002 and 2003. This blazar was monitored with the KVA optical telescope (R-band intranight photometry and unfiltered polarization), in the frame of a new HESS multiwavelength campaign performed in August-September 2004.

The author has provided an updated electronic version of this paper (see PDF file below), which is slightly different than the printed version.
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