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Paper: Hierarchical Chemical Evolution and R-process Elements of Extremely Metal-Poor Stars
Volume: 458, Galactic Archaeology: Near-Field Cosmology and the Formation of the Milky Way
Page: 131
Authors: Komiya, Y.; Yamada, S.; Suda, T.; Fujimoto, M. Y.
Abstract: We present results of the new chemical evolution model which focus on extremely metal-poor (EMP) stars and discuss r-process element abundances. We built a merger tree of the Galaxy and follow the enrichment of the chemical abundance along the tree. We also follow the inhomogeneous metal enrichment process of intergalactic matter and surface pollution of EMP stars by accretion of interstellar matter (ISM). Our model well reproduces observed abundance distributions. O-Ne-Mg supernovae with 9-10 M are the most plausible source of the r-process elements.
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