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Paper: Delivering Hubble Discoveries to the Classroom
Volume: 473, Communicating Science
Page: 399
Authors: Eisenhamer, B.; Villard, R.; Weaver, D.; Cordes, K.; Knisely, L.
Abstract: Today's classrooms are significantly influenced by current news events, delivered instantly into the classroom via the Internet. Educators are challenged daily to transform these events into student learning opportunities. In the case of space science, current news events may be the only chance for educators and students to explore the marvels of the Universe. Inspired by these circumstances, the education and news teams developed the Star Witness News science content reading series. These online news stories (also available in downloadable PDF format) mirror the content of Hubble press releases and are designed for upper elementary and middle school level readers to enjoy. Educators can use Star Witness News stories to reinforce students' reading skills while exposing students to the latest Hubble discoveries.
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