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Paper: The GIRAFFE Archive: 1D and 3D Spectra
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 155
Authors: Royer, F.; Jégouzo, I.; Tajahmady, F.; Normand, J.; Chilingarian, I.
Abstract: The GIRAFFE Archive ( contains the reduced spectra observed with the intermediate and high resolution multi-fiber spectrograph installed at VLT/UT2 (ESO). In its multi-object configuration and the different integral field unit configurations, GIRAFFE produces 1D spectra and 3D spectra. We present here the status of the archive and the different functionalities to select and download both 1D and 3D data products, as well as the present content. The two collections are available in the VO: the 1D spectra (summed in the case of integral field observations) and the 3D field observations. These latter products can be explored using the VO Paris Euro3D Client ( chil/Euro3D).
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