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Paper: The Fly's Eye Camera System: An Instrument Design for Large \'Etendue Time Domain Surveys
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 369
Authors: Csépány, G.; Pál, A.; Vida, K.; Regály, Z.; Mészáros, L.; Oláh, K.; Kiss, C.; Döbrentei, L.; Jaskó, A.; Mezõ, G.; Farkas, E.
Abstract: In this paper we briefly summarize the design concepts of the Fly's Eye Camera System, a proposed high resolution all-sky monitoring device which intends to perform high cadence time domain astronomy in multiple optical passbands while still accomplish a high étendue. Funding has already been accepted by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in order to design and build a Fly's Eye device unit. Beyond the technical details and the actual scientific goals, this paper also discusses the possibilities and yields of a network operation involving ∼10 sites distributed geographically in a nearly homogeneous manner. Currently, we expect to finalize the mount assembly – that performs the sidereal tracking during the exposures – until the end of 2012 and to have a working prototype with a reduced number of individual cameras sometime in the spring or summer of 2013.
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