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Paper: Using Gas Kinematics to Constrain 3D Models of Disks: IC 2531
Volume: 480, Structure and Dynamics of Disk Galaxies
Page: 81
Authors: Eigenbrot, A.; Bershady, M. A.
Abstract: We use deep, longslit spectra of the nearby edge-on galaxy IC 2531 to obtain gas kinematics out to 5 radial scale-lengths (40 kpc) and 4 vertical scale-heights (1.7 kpc). The large vertical range spanned by our data offers unique leverage to constrain three-dimensional models. The shape of the observed emission-line profiles offer insights to line-of-sight density distributions in the disk, and we discuss the possibility that we are seeing disk flaring in the ionized gas. Finally, we begin to quantify measurements of line shape to allow model galaxies to be compared to data across all radii and heights simultaneously.
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