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Paper: Tracing Induced Star Formation in Perturbed Galaxy Disks: The Case of an Interacting Luminous Infrared Galaxy Pair
Volume: 480, Structure and Dynamics of Disk Galaxies
Page: 235
Authors: Fuentes-Carrera, I.; Rosado, M.; Amram, P.; Laurikainen, E.; Salo, H.
Abstract: Star formation efficiency seems to increase as separation between interacting galaxy pairs decreases, suggesting that the starburst phase of interacting galaxies occurs at a late stage in the interaction. However, luminous infrared galaxies (LIRGs) are seen in early interacting systems for which the separation is still relatively large. We present a preliminary kinematical and dynamical study of the interacting LIRG galaxy pair Arp 240. The enhanced SF does not come from the central parts but from the outskirts, and it seems to be related to the perturbation due to the encounter.
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