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Paper: Gas Acceleration by Fast Dust Particles and the Dusty Rayleigh–Taylor Instability
Volume: 488, 8th International Conference of Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM 2013)
Page: 77
Authors: Hendrix, T.; Keppens, R.
Abstract: We use the gas+dust module of the MPI-AMRVAC code, and demonstrate our ability to reproduce a Sod shock tube test with the addition of dust. As a more concrete application, we discuss a more detailed setup in which fast dust particles flow into a stationary gas, leading to its fast acceleration. We introduce a density discontinuity in the domain, and investigate how the interaction of the inflowing dust and the accelerated gas with a density discontinuity alters the formation of the Rayleigh–Taylor instability (RTI). This setup is of interest in stellar surroundings where radiative acceleration can cause fast acceleration of dust particles, while the gas only feels this acceleration through interaction with the dust particles.
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