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Paper: Categorisations of Object Types in SIMBAD
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 105
Authors: Oberto, A.; Loup, C.; Allen, M.; Bot, C.; Cambrésy, L; Derrière, S.; Genova, F.; Gómez-Morán, A.N.; Ocvirk, P.; Siebert, A.; Bernd, V.
Abstract: Astronomical objects may be classified into types in many ways, and the evolution of such categorisations changes with new discoveries and progress in astrophysical understanding. The SIMBAD database contains information on astronomical objects that have been studied in the published literature, including a field that specifies astronomical object types. As a record that is derived entirely from the literature, a given astronomical object in SIMBAD may have multiple object types, and the list of object types must be maintained and updated. The SIMBAD object type list currently contains some 200 types, that are organised into a hierarchy based on astrophysical concepts. The hierarchical structure also includes relations between object types, and this facilitates searches of SIMBAD to obtain lists of all of the astronomical objects in a given category independently of the publisher or the year of publication. We will explain the organisation of astronomical object types in SIMBAD and how they may be used in queries of the SIMBAD database, and visualised on all-sky maps.
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