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Paper: ESA Heliophysics Science Archives: Interoperability through IVOA Standards
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 141
Authors: Cook, J.; Martinez, B.; Pérez, H. H.; Fernández, M.; Teodoro, P.; Osuna, P.; Masson, A.; Arviset, C.
Abstract: In a global and interconnected world, there is a greater need to provide interoperability within software and applications that are widely used. The Virtual Observatory (VO) is the vision that astronomical datasets and other resources should work as a seamless whole. Through the adoption of IVOA standards the ESA Heliophysics archives attempts to fulfill this vision by sharing their data with those tools and services that are VO-compatible. We present here which IVOA standards were already used by the ESA Heliophysics archives in the past and the work on-going for future archives.
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