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Paper: 3D Visualisation of Large Datasets in a Web Browser, Focus on the Server Side
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 145
Authors: Schaaff, A.; Desroziers, J.; Adam, N.; Ouerghi, M. E.; Lespingal, P.; Steinmetz, A.; Deparis, N.; Gillet, N.; Aubert, D.; Ocvirk, P.; Pineau, F.
Abstract: Visualisation of large datasets in a Web browser is a recurring problem. We have developed a Javascript / WebGL client, to display, in a Web browser, a wide variety of data in 3D, for example numerical simulations or source catalogues. Visualising and navigating in tens of billions of points (e.g., a 40963 simulation, several TB depending on the data associated to each point) appears out of the reach of a simple Web browser on a desktop or a laptop. We have experimented an approach “\‘{a} la HiPS” with an initial cube divided into sub-cubes, indexed and stored on a server. During the navigation, the data is loaded progressively from the server, depending on the user viewpoint. In terms of server-side data storage, we have tried it with several solutions: NoSQL, PostgreSQL, without a database, etc. We explain the status of this ongoing work.
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