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Paper: Data Delivery Architecture for MeerKAT and the SKA
Volume: 522, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVII
Page: 331
Authors: Aikema, D.; Frank, B.; Simmonds, R.; Grange, Y.; Sánchez-Expósito, S.; Gaudet, S.; Goliath, S.
Abstract: The thinking on how to deliver SKA data to end users has evolved over the past few years and now includes the use of externally funded SKA Regional Centres (SRCs). Data will be pushed from sites in the two SKA telescope host countries to SRCs based on policy and requests from the SRCs. We have worked on the architecture of the data delivery tools within the SKA Science Data Processor (SDP) consortium and are now deploying tools based on this architecture for use with the MeerKAT SKA precursor in partnerships that include IDIA, CADC, IAA-CSIC, SKA South Africa, ASTRON, and IBM. This paper explains the current status of this work.
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